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  • fiduciarydocuments

  • Biometric e-PassportsBioPass

    Protection requirements of travel documents are constantly changing : graphic securities, certification protocols and manufacturing processes.

    In this context, Semlex regularly develops and improves its expertise in designing electronic passports.

    Our travel documents strictly follow the requirements established by ICAO in doc 9303.

    Our travel documents incorporate : Fingerprints of the traveler RFID electronic chip storing all the

    information of the traveler Information protection mechanisms

    (Bac, eac, Pace, etc.) 2D barcode Latest security printing technology

    Fiduciary description of a travel documentThe electronic passport and its method of customization are made to incorporate safeguards to protect the document against any fraudulent attack during its validity period. Semlex proposes a complete range of graphic securities to meet the security and international compliance requirements.

    Paper security uV matte paper Flat table or multi-color watermark Chemical sensitizers in the paper Paper with appropriate absorption

    capacity and roughness Invisible fluorescent fibers and/or boards Visible fluorescent fibers and/or boards Security thread (integrated or window,

    uV) Adhesive system and/or other

    characteristics preventing the sticker from being removed, causing clearly visible damages on the visa and on the passport page

    Design, background and text printing Guilloche patterns in two colors Rainbow printing Anti-copy pattern Micro-printed text Secured background of the data page,

    printed in a design different from the visa pages and other pages of the document

    Additional securities Intaglio printing (one or more colors) Latent image (intaglio printing) Double safety pattern Relief pattern (touch) Intentional error (ex: spelling mistake)

    incorporated in the micro-print Each visa page is printed with a secured

    background design Touch printing

    Safety inksUV fluorescent ink (visible or invisible), reactive inks, optical variable ink (OVI), penetrating numbering ink, ink disappearing under infrared radiation, thermo-chromatic photo chromatic ink, fluorescent ink under infrared radiation.

  • Enrolment Taking high-resolution prints (2 to 10 fingers)Taking a picture (ICAO filter)Enter personal dataDigital signature

    Data processing Creation of a unique identification per applicantDetection of duplication by comparison 1: n* Data encryption Insertion of the passport number in the record

    Coding Coding personal information in a 2D barcode (PDF417) Coding electronic chip (ICAO standard)

    Certifications (P.K.I)Securing and authentication of data entered in the chipCertification of the issuer of the passport :

    B.A.C. Basic Access Control E.A.C. Extended Access Control P.A.C.E. Password Authenticated

    Connection Establishment S.A.C. Supplemental Access Control

    Customization of the data pageCMJN inkjet printing and hot stamping of the holographic security lamina

    LaserJet printing on the holographic security lamina and hot stamping

    Laser engraving (HD photo or grayscale)

    Quality assurance Quality check module Check the proper functioning of the chip and barcodeVisual verification of printed data

    DistributionAuthentication of the document and holderActivation of certificates

    *Comparison of a biometric data with a series of reference biometric data


  • Biometric CardsBiocard

    National Identity CardsThe various identity cards (electronic ID card, driving license, etc.) that Semlex produces are compliant with international standards for travel documents and technical recommendations of the ICAO.

    The ID card serves as a national identity card as well as an access card for services such as e-voting and e-government. The cards are made of polycarbonate with laser engraving and may contain a chip with or without contact.

    Features of the cardSize and materialISO 7810 size in ID-1 format : 85.60 53.98 mm Durability > 10 years3 possibilities :

    PVC (2-3 years) : strong, durable, waterproof, resistant to chemicals.

    PVC / PETF (5-7 years): impact resistant, excellent chemical resistance.

    PC (Polycarbonate) (7-10 years): solid, resistant to heat, good stability, ideal for laser engraving.

    A multitude of graphic securities Drawings and texts visible under UV light Optically variable ink (OVI) Guilloches with the background in two

    colors Rainbow coloring Banknote style / anti-copy background Microprint, nano-imprint Embossing of elements Fluorescent fibers Security sheet (hologram or non-


    Microchip (contact and contactless), security support

    Not remotely accessible Unalterable : immediate detection of

    tampering Cannot be exchanged or duplicated Biometric data such as fingerprints

    can only be read by legal and certified equipment

    It also includes a certificate for online identification and electronic signature

    Additional protectionsKinegram ( Kinegram), tactile surface, UV and Multiple Laser Image (MLI ).

    Possible security measures for the pro-duction and personalization of cards :

    Laser engraved data in the polycarbonate surface

    Centralized or decentralized personalization Distribution to citizens by biometric


  • Enrolment High-resolution fingerprint capture 500 dpiAcquisition of the portrait (ICAO filter)Entering alphanumeric dataDigital signature capture

    Data processingCreation of a national ID for each applicantDetection of duplicates by comparison 1: n *Suppression of identity fraud and multiple identitiesData integrity

    Creation of a Register of births, marriages and deaths Complete record of citizens dataSearch application of citizensPreparation of identification reports Establishment of filiations

    EncodingEncrypted encoding of data in a 2D bar-codeEncoding of contact and contactless microchip

    PersonalizationPrinting or laser engraving of dataEditing statistics and reportsUsing a security certificate

    Quality Assurance Quality control moduleMonitoring the functioning of chips and barcodesVisual verification of printed data

    Distribution Authentication of the document and the holderActivation of certificates

    * Comparison of biometric data with a series of reference biometric data.


  • VisasThe implementation of a coherent national system for issuing visas for foreigners is necessary for any 21st century government that wants to control and protect its borders.

    Several countries around the world have already placed their trust in our expertise for the production and issuance of biometric visas for foreigners: Mozambique, Comoros, Madagascar, Ireland, Guinea Bissau, Azerbaijan, Yemen, etc.

    Thanks to its experience, Semlex has all the technical and fiduciary expertise to implement a consistent and safe system for the issuance of visas, protected by biometric information and graphic securities with high added value, and thus produce a highly protected travel document.

    Our printing house has a security system and an infallible manufacturing process that guarantees the unparalleled quality of the visas produced.

    We produce the most secure visas in the world (Schengen standards) for many countries.

    Thanks to its expertise and advanced equipment, Semlex can offer its customers a full range of custom service from design to production, as well as the delivery and the implementation of systems for the issuance of visas, online registration of requests, etc.

  • To protect the visa, the issuing country and the traveler, Semlex not only offers a secure, computerized and biometric system, but also a full range of graphic securities to meet the requirements of national compliance.

    Paper securitiesuV matte paperChemical sensitizers in the paperPaper with absorption capacity and appropriate ruggednessInvisible fluorescent fibers and/or boardsVisible fluorescent fibers and/or boards Anti-detachment cut

    Design, background and text printingGuilloche patterns in two colorsRainbow coloringAnti-copy patternMicro printed textSecure background of the data page, imprinted in a dedicated design Additional safety Intaglio printing (one or more colors)Latent image (intaglio printing)Double security patternRelief drawingTactile impression

    Security inksUV fluorescent ink (visible or invisible), reactive inks, optically variable ink (OVI), ink for penetrating numbering, ink disappearing under infrared rays, photochromic thermo-chromic ink, fluorescent ink under infrared radiation.

    Fiduciary description

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