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  1. 1. C O M P I L E D B Y C Y G N I S M E D I A H T T P : / / W W W . C Y G N I S M E D I A . C O M
  2. 2. Overview Using Facebook in Different Country
  3. 3. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Usage
  4. 4. Very Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes Not Filling Out the Page Completely Illegal Cover Photo Using Over posting Contest Guidelines Not Follow Too Much Text Focusing on Likes Posting Off-Brand Content Not Making the Most of Facebook's Ad Options
  5. 5. Why Facebook There are three different things related to the Facebook, one is Facebook App, second one is Facebook Profile and third one is Facebook page. I think facebook should be the first step towards creating tangible awareness across social networks.
  6. 6. Personal Page and Business Page A question in your mind that what the difference between the Personal Page and the Business Page. Simply, your profile is your Personal Page and where you promote your brand is your Business Page. Facebook pages are like single page website where you are briefly describing your brand, services,products and events. By this you can target your potential customers in efficient way.
  7. 7. Basic Research Of U.S On Facebook A/c to FB 2 billion connections between local businesses and people. average week, over 645 million views and 13 million comments on, local business Facebook Pages. Approximately 70% of monthly active users in the U.S. and Canada are connected to a local business on Facebook.
  8. 8. Basic Step To Grow Your Business with Facebook Here are some basic steps to grow your business on facebook . Decide Why You Have a Facebook Page Create Custom Tabs Use Facebook Ads Send an Update Make it Shareable Make Some Stuff Exclusive Turn Fan Activity into Advertising
  9. 9. C O M P I L E D B Y C Y G N I S M E D I A H T T P : / / W W W . C Y G N I S M E D I A . C O M Thank You