Facebook Engagement Strategy 2012

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  • Facebook Engagement StrategyNovember 2012


  • There are 33M active users in the UK

    22M (66%) are mobile users

    70% of UK users return daily

    51% of UK users are between 18-34 years old, with 35+ being the fastest growing age group.

    Average time per month spent on Facebook: 6 hours 49 minutes

    Users view on average 798 pages per month.


    Facebook is King

  • Does your Facebook presence feel different?


    Facebook changed their algorithm and thats caused a significant drop in Organic Reach.

    This will have impacted the amount of people talking about your brand at the beginning of October 2012.

    Facebook have been on a revenue drive since publicly listing.

    Facebook know how valuable the platform is to connect with consumers and want brands to support their posts with paid promotion.

  • Counter the changes


    Likeable content

    Varied content styles

    Flexible posting plans

    Paid promotion

  • How Likeable is your content?

    The more engaging your posts are, the more they will be liked, commented and shared which increases just how many friends of your fans see your Page posts.


  • Are you using rich content?

    Each post should be seen as a mini advert, another opportunity to present your brand in the best way possible.

    Include more than just text to get preference in newsfeeds.

    Facebook want their users newsfeeds to be more dynamic, as they know this increases interaction.


  • Are you posting regularly and at the right time?

    The more frequently you post, the higher your reach will be as Facebook will serve up more of your posts to more of your fans when you get more regular interaction.

    Without paid promotion, this is the most important thing you can do to increase the Organic Reach of your Facebook Page.


  • Promote your posts

    To increase the reach of your posts you can now promote them. This comes at a cost, but it doesnt break the bank. Its a small price to pay to ensure your best laid plans and creative is seen.


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    Connect Awareness

    Integrated with paid media plan

    Engage Clarify proposition

    Relevant content

    Value exchange between brand and your consumer

    Amplify Use paid promotion to extend reach of your posts

    Produce creative, shareable content

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