Facebook and Twitter 101: Using Facebook and Twitter To Promote Your Business

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Presentation given to beginner Facebook and Twitter users on May 8, 2013 at the Longview TX Chamber of Commerce. This session was on using Facebook and Twitter to promote local businesses.

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  • 1.Photo: Charlottes Photo Gallery on FlickrFacebook and Twitter 101Using Facebook and Twitter toPromote Your BusinessLongview Chamber of CommerceMay 8, 2013

2. Get these slides here::http://sarahtpage.com/longview-day-1/ 3. AgendaSocial media reviewFacebook 101Twitter 101Live Demos & Set UpQ&A 4. Social Media Review 5. Photo: erinjpattisonSocial media isFREE! 6. Benefits of Social Media Its FREE! Builds deeper relationships Increases brand awareness Broadens your network Helps SEO Increases website traffic Generates leads and sales Can help reach journalists/media Empowers fans to be viral ambassadors foryour brandSource: Social Media for Tourism Pros 7. Is Social Media Right for You? Is social media Providing value to your organization and yourmembers/customers? Bringing benefit via brand awareness,membership, loyalty, sales, etc.? Helping to grow membership base? Justifying the investment?Source: pammarketingnut.com 8. First steps Find your audience Know whats being said Extend a virtual hand Get your community to be virtual ambassadors Have fun, in a professional manner of speakingSource: DCI 9. Facebook 101 10. What Is Facebook? Social networking service that allows users toconnect to friends and businesses Share content, links, photos, and videos Comment on others activity Remember: Personal profiles are for people,not businesses. Develop a fan page instead. 11. Facebook Stats Over 1.1 billion active users Average user is connected to 40 pages Smartphone mobile users check Facebook anaverage of 13.8 times a day 751 million users access Facebook from a mobiledevice Average number of connections between localbusiness pages and users is 2 billion Average number of weekly local business pageviews is 645 million Average number of weekly comments on localbusiness pages is 13 millionSource: IDC; expandedramblings.com 12. Facebook Benefits to Biz Low cost Engage with fans of your business page Fans receive your updates and can uploadcomments, photos, and video When fans engage you on your page, theiractivity shows up in the News Feeds of theirfriends This can prompt others to check out your page andyour business! 13. Facebook Benefits to Biz Can incorporate content from other social mediaplatforms Ex: blog posts, updates from Twitter, photos fromInstagram, videos from YouTube, location-based apps(Foursquare), etc. Targeted advertising opportunities (cheap too!) 14. CoverPhotoProfilePhotoViews andAppsLike ButtonContact Info /Bio 15. ComposerPinnedPostPage Features 16. HighlightedPostPage Features 17. Admin PanelMessagesPostPerformanceInsights 18. Manage PageSettingsGrow YourFanbaseFind HelpfulResourcesAdmin Panel 19. Understanding Insights 20. Understanding Insights 21. Understanding Insights 22. Twitter 101 23. What Is Twitter? Free social networking and micro-blogging sitethat allows users to send and read messagesknown as tweets Tweets can have no more than 140 characters& are delivered to the authors subscribers,known as followers 24. Twitter Stats 500 million users 60% of active users use their mobile phone totweet Average number of followers per Twitter user is208 Twitter engagement rates for brands are 17%higher on Saturdays and SundaysSource: Linchpin SEO; expandedramblings.com 25. Twitter Benefits for Biz Low cost Speed of feedback Potential reach of message Customer engagement/service Track what people are saying about yourbusiness Create buzz around upcoming events Promote your business and other content youcreate 26. Profile Photoor AvatarUser nameor AvatarBio andwebsite URLRecenttweets 27. Profile Photoor AvatarUser nameor handleHashtagMentionAnatomy of a TweetShortenedURLRetweet 28. Complete Your ProfileSource: http://socialmediaexaminer.com 29. Follow People Your customers Your business partners,suppliers, contractors andvendors Your competitors or peers Trade or professionalorganizations for your industry Businesses in yourneighborhood Businesses run by people youknow (your professionalnetwork)Source: http://socialmediaexaminer.com 30. Start Talking Types of Twitter MessagesTweet = message you send out to everyone whofollows you@Reply = message you send out as a reply to oneyou receivedMention = message you send out that mentionsanother Twitter usernameDirect Message (DM) = message you send privatelyto another Twitter userRetweet (RT) = message created and sent bysomeone else that you share with the people whofollow youSource: http://socialmediaexaminer.com 31. Connect Your Online Presence 32. Connect Your Online PresenceSource: http://socialmediaexaminer.com 33. Share PhotosSource: http://socialmediaexaminer.com 34. Share PhotosSource: http://socialmediaexaminer.com 35. OrganizePeopleFollowedInto ListsSource: http://socialmediaexaminer.com 36. Use #HashtagsUse hashtags in yourmarketing to helppeople find yourbusiness and theconversations around it.#Source: http://socialmediaexaminer.com 37. Find Local Customershttp://twitter.com/search-advancedSource: http://socialmediaexaminer.com 38. Facebook Page Setup 39. Facebook Page Setup1. Permissionsa) Default landing tabb) Posting ability2. Basic informationa) Editing3. Profilea) Choose photo and edit thumbnail4. Featureda) Likes and page owners 40. Facebook Page Setup5. Resourcesa) Adsb) Custom user namec) Link to Twitter6. Admin Rolesa) Add or remove7. Mobilea) Update via E-mailb) Update via mobile webc) Update via iPhoned) Update via text 41. Facebook Page Use 42. Facebook Page Use1. Page layout and elements2. Write a status update3. Add photos, links, and videos to status updates4. Uploading photos and creating albums5. Create events6. Create notes 43. Twitter Page Setup 44. Twitter Setup1. Go to http://twitter.com2. Enter your name, password, and email address3. Click on the Sign Up for Twitter button4. Create a username5. Click on Create my Account 45. Twitter Setup (contd)6. Click on the gear icon at the top right andselect Settingsa. Account Settings:1) Select English and Central Time Zone2) DO NOT protect your tweetsb. Profile Settings:1) Upload a profile photo2) Upload a header photo3) Enter real name/business name4) Enter actual location (Ex: Longview, TX)5) Enter website URL6) Enter bio VERY IMPORTANTc. Design Settings1) Choose a background or upload a new image 46. Twitter Setup: Next Steps1. Look for interesting people/businesses to followa. Click in the Search bar at the top right1) Search by name, username & location2) Follow other local businesses/peopleb. Go to http://tweet.grader.com/location1) Type in Town name, TX2) Choose people to follow 47. Twitter Setup: Next Steps2. Enter some content (140 characters)a. Tell the world youre on Twitter!b. Talk about an upcoming event, sale, a newproduct/servicec. Link to an interesting article related to yourbusiness1) Use a URL shortener like http://bit.ly to save space & fortrackingd. Reply to someonee. RT someone elses content 48. Twitter Setup: Next Steps3. Promote your pagea. Update your Facebook status with a link to yournew Twitter page hit up your friendsb. Include links in your E-mail signature, on yourwebsite, in E-newsletters 49. What Do You Want To Try? 50. Can I Help?Call Me!Photo: .Spartography on Flickr 51. Follow MeLinkedin.com/in/sarahpageFacebook.com/SarahTPageConsulting@pagetxSarah Page, PrincipalSarah T. Page Consulting, LLChttp://sarahtpage.comsarah@sarahtpage.com512-914-8873