Exploring the world of UX

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Full training about UX including 4 games. Duration: 4 hours


<ul><li>1.UXExploring the world of User Experience Twitter: @FredVandaele frederic.vandaele@trasysgroup.com v3 - August 2012</li></ul> <p>2. YourExpectations 3. UX is the Science and Art of designing a Product 4. 4 Elements of UXVALUE USABILITYIs it useful ? Is it easy to use ?ADOPTABILITYDESIRABILITYIs it easy to start using ? Is it fun and engaging ? 5. Techniques 6. Design techniques 7. Card Sorting A method for determining how usersmentally group your websites content Results are derived from the semantic networksof the users Semantic networks are vast webs of connectionsbetween concepts, determined by our learningand experiences 2 Types: Open &amp; Closed 8. The CardSorting game 9. min 10. PresentEasyDifficultDifferencesSimilarities 11. Interactive Sketching Notation ISN fuses user actions and screen sketches Simple and standardized rules What the user see (greys, blacks and blues) What the user do (red)gnihcteks/ac.ikswonil.www//:ptth ngiseD noitcaretnI ikswoniL :stiderCesneciL adanaC 5.2 ekilA erahS-noitubirttA snommoC evitaerC eht rednu decnecil si krow sihT 12. ISN - Screens 13. ISN User Actions 14. ISN User Actions 15. ISN Variation &amp; notes 16. The ISN gameDescribe a sale process on Amazon John is looking for a new TV With smart/internet feature green product Likes Sony (but not exclusive) 17. min 18. PresentEasyDifficultDifferencesSimilarities 19. WireframeWireframe describes a web site or applicationusing black and white lines, text and boxes. Extremely fast way of developing the layout,navigation and usability of a website Quick and easy to change enabling thecreation of many variations at minimal cost 20. Design process is like a conversation 21. Wireframe gameDesign aBook Your International Flight order form 22. min 23. PresentEasyDifficultDifferencesSimilarities 24. (Post) Prod techniques 25. Usability Guidelines247 web usability guidelinesDr. David Travis The Research-Based WebDesign &amp; Usability GuidelinesUsability.gov 26. Usability GuidelinesEvaluate the formdesigned by another groupin the previous game 27. min 28. PresentEasyDifficultDifferencesSimilarities 29. System Usability Scale John Brooke (1986) The most used questionnaire for measuringperceptions of usability 10 item questionnaire with 5 responseoptions Fixed response format 30. Scoring SUS For odd items = user response -1 For even items = 5 - user response Add up and multiply by 2.5 This create a 0 to 100 scale Average SUS score from all 500 studies is 68 31. Other useful techniques URL Personas Prototyping Eye tracking Heuristic Evaluation Microsoft Desirability Toolkit CSUQ, QUIS, SUMI, 32. One more thing 33. YourAchievements 34. Go further Usability.gov useit.com userfocus.co.uk </p>