Examples Of Caribbean Library Sn Services 02

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Presentation at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, for the Department of Library and Information Studies Summer Institute 2009.

Text of Examples Of Caribbean Library Sn Services 02

  • 1. Examples of Caribbean Library SN services
        • By Mark-Shane Scale

2. Examples include:

  • Connecting with Librarians (Librarians networking)
  • Advertising library events and services

3. Connecting with Librarians: Librarians networking 4. NetworkingwithotherLibrarians 5. Advertising Library events and services 6. Advertisements 7. Advertising library events 8. Advertising library services 9. Advertising Library Service while creating a listing of patrons who use the library or are interested in its services. 10. Outreach and library extension services 11. Digital Exhibitions & Photographic Displays 12. 13. 14. 15. Class Activity: Debate

  • Class Debate on topic:
  • Offering Online Social Networking Library Services
  • Group 1 Proposition
  • Group 2 Opposition
  • Moot:
  • Be it resolved that Social Networking Sites are not applicable for professional library services.

16. For Next Class Activity:

  • Come to class with a digital photograph of yourself.