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Evaluation Question 4

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Page 2: Evaluation Question 4

We used Rachel’s Apple Macbook to create our media products. This was useful becauseit allowed us to work in any place at any time. My Mac experience from last year made the construction of my A2 media products much easier.

Page 3: Evaluation Question 4

This is the HD camera we used to film all of our footage for our music video and take photos.

Page 4: Evaluation Question 4

I created a blog account using ‘Blogger’ to post all of my research and planning, as well as my final video and ancillary tasks.

Page 5: Evaluation Question 4

I used ‘Microsoft Powerpoint’ to create my presentations and then uploadedthem to ‘Slideshare’, before embedding the link on my blog.

Page 6: Evaluation Question 4

We used ‘iMovie’ to edit our video. This was really easy to use and we were able to experiment with various transitions, titles and effects to make our video more effective and appealing to our target audience.

Page 7: Evaluation Question 4

I used ‘Adobe Photoshop’ to create my ancillary poster and album cover. It includes many tools which I used to make my media products

more effective.

Page 8: Evaluation Question 4

After creating an account, I uploaded my photos to ‘Photobucket’ so that I could present them on my blog by embedding the link.

Page 9: Evaluation Question 4

Similarly, I used ‘Flickr’ to upload my ancillaries so I could add notes to them about how my products link well together.

Page 10: Evaluation Question 4

We uploaded our rough cuts and our final video to ‘Youtube’ in order in to post it on our blogs.

Page 11: Evaluation Question 4

I used ‘Quicktime’ to take a screen recording of me using iMovie to demonstrate some of the skills I learnt when using the program (editing blue tones). I found ‘Quicktime’ very easy to use and it successfully shows how I managed to use various tools within iMovie.

Page 12: Evaluation Question 4

I found the internet extremely useful when it came to researching, as I was able to find out a huge amount of relevant and interesting information. By

searching “fonts” in ‘Google’, I found the website ‘Dafont’. This allowed me to find any font I needed which helped me to create visually attractive ancillaries.

Page 13: Evaluation Question 4

In the evaluation process, I uploaded my video to various social networking sitessuch as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ to access my target audience directly and ask for

their response.