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EVALUATION Media A2 Coursework Kate Trollope


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    Media A2 Coursework
    Kate Trollope

2. Question 1: conventions of TV soap learning from real media texts.
3. Q1: BBC The Cut Trailer.
Camera uses an big close up to focus on male character so audience can see emotions.
Lighting shallow on characters face, not too bright, enhances emotions and hollow atmosphere. Filter on the lighting to create shadow.
White background draws attention to characters face. Droplets of water signify washing of hands/ sanity.
4. Q1: BBC The Cut Trailer.
Characters face placed at the top of the shot, looking down.
White background (as in previous shot) to draw attention to characters face.
Big close up shot.
Natural shadow on background from cut out and lighting.
Cut to next shot.
5. Q1: BBC The Cut Trailer.
Shot 7
Shot 24
Shot 16
Shots show the development of progressing the movements from the original clip.
6. Q1: BBC The Cut Trailer.
We found it difficult during our stop motion, to follow the original action and make her close her eyes, so instead we panned across the characters face.
Over the shoulder shot.
Clear picture of the face to show emotion. Make-up and hair done perfectly suggests young woman who takes pride in her appearance.
7. Q1: BBC The Cut Trailer.
Shot 30
Shot 40
Close up of face to emphasise emotion. Slow pan for audience to consume facial expression.
White background to draw attention to characters face.
Official picture from original trailer with make-up and hair done.
Young woman, looks like a student/ young adult.
Dark lighting highlights the intended atmosphere.
Character looking off screen- typical convention of soaps.
Shot 69
8. Q1: BBC The Cut Trailer.
Symmetrical composition. Medium Close up (MCU)
Sat on a bench, wearing trendy, in-fashion clothes suggests they are students at College or University.
Lighting is bright, suggests they are outside (as well as background). Dull door in background to not take the focus away from the characters on screen.
9. Q1: BBC The Cut Trailer.
Again, we found it challenging to make the characters look like they were having a conversation, and so instead we used a 180 degree pan across the characters. This worked as it establishes the scene/ environment.
180 degree pan of characters, establishes scenery.
Brighter lighting to create that sense that the characters are placed outside in this scene.