Europeana Licensing Framework - Current status & future developments

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summary presentation on the current state of the the Europeana Licensing Framework given at the 2nd europeana licensing workshop on 13 june 2013 in Luxembourg

Text of Europeana Licensing Framework - Current status & future developments

  • 1. Europeana Licensing FrameworkCurrent status & future developmentsPaul Keller, Luxembourg 13 june 2013

2. Current status2 3. Europeana Licensing Framework -Original design considerationsAll metadata must be available under the same (nonrestrictive) termsCC zero as the universal rights statement for allmetadataEach digital object carries its own rights statementlimited list of statements (in the form of URLs) foredm:rightsPreviews are treated as an instance of the digitalobjectno separate rights statement for previews 4. Rights label per category(by total objects)12,730,87012,702,89212,604,81412,185,34111,939,9217,304,0348,111,6558,066,7578,048,9437,987,3677,922,5496,435,3286,554,4026,341,6436,798,2746,920,0297,537,284 8,091,9318,188,874 9,201,290 10,424,72310,896,955725,471 753,461814,209 929,188988,580979,7711,448,1931,635,0221,802,5382,284,395 2,463,7183,515,3823,519,3913,670,5844,108,3964,191,2614,342,5834,359,195 4,431,4114,544,6535,201,067 5,503,85603/1204/1206/1207/1208/1209/1210/1211/1212/1202/133/13UnmarkedAll Rights ReservedCreative CommonsPublic Domain 5. Rights label per category(as percentage of total)54%54%54%51%50%36%37%36%34%31%30%27% 28%27%28%29%37% 37%37%39%40%41%3% 3% 3%4% 4%5% 7%7% 8%9%9%15% 15% 16% 17% 17%22% 20% 20% 19% 20% 21%03/1206/1208/1210/1212/123/13UnmarkedAll Rights ReservedCreative CommonsPublic Domain 6. Future developments13 7. MetadataWe are working on a plan to improve the quality ofmetadata that is useful for rights checkingWe are working with some types of data providersto increase acceptance of our approach (CC0) 8. Digital objectsWe are exploring how rights statements canbecome more granular (attaching them to specicviews instead of the aggregation/metadata record) 9. Available rights statementsAdd a rights statement for Orphan worksAdd a rights statement for works that are out ofcopyright but whose use is restricted bycontractual agreements.Remodel the rights reserved statementsretire restricted accessadd a paid version indicator and review use of paid accessExplore the ability to move rights statements to anon-Europeana namespace that can be sharedwith similar projects 10. A content re-use framework forEuropeanaThe framework needs to be open for all Europeanadata providers on a voluntary basis.It needs to set minimum requirements for digitalobjects that are available via the frameworkIn terms of rights status (must allow re-use)In terms of relevance of the content (no census records)In terms of quality (minimum size / quality)Direct access to the digital object (specic le formats?)The framework needs to provide the ability tospecify conditional access rules. 11. Kennisland works with Europeana and its partners toimprove the accessibility of Europes cultural heritageonline. Learn more about Kennisland at www.kl.nlthank you!