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uKnowva is a enterprise collaboration platform which you can use to create your very own company social intranet, ERP, Collaboration platform etc. uKnowva offers third party application integration like CRM, HRM, Project Management etc. uknowva is a product of convergence IT Services.

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  • 1. uKnowva Extending Collaboration A product ofConvergence IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

2. Table of Contents What is uKnowva? What does uKnowva do? Architecture of uKnowva Features of uKnowva Extending uKnowva Benefits of uKnowva How Secure is uKnowva Who is using uKnowva How can you implement uKnowva www.uknowva.com2 3. What is uKnowva? uKnowva is an extensible enterprise collaboration platform. It is a complete package that has all the features needed to ensure seamless internal and external communication for an organization. It is what an organization needs for sharing knowledge, connecting with employees, interfacing with other applications, motivating employees and much more.www.uknowva.com3 4. What does uKnowva do? uKnowva does for an organization exactly what a Smartphone does for an individual Scalable Organized Connected SMARTERwww.uknowva.com4 5. Architecture of uKnowvawww.uknowva.com5 6. www.uknowva.com.6 7. Features of uKnowvawww.uknowva.com7 8. Social Personaliza tionIntranetKnowledge ManagementResponsive & User FriendlyDocument Repository aAccess Control & SSOPollsExtensibili tywww.uknowva.comCalendar Instant Messaging 8 9. Some of our Smart Extensions Project Management LDAP Authentication HRMlite Customer Support Ticket System VPN Setupwww.uknowva.com10 10. Benefits of uKnowva Improved & Organized Communication, Collaboration & Interaction between Management & Employees Improved Efficiency & Effectiveness by working as a Team Reduced Email Communication on Projects, News & Updates & Alerts Capture and retain knowledge Easy document and information sharing Foster Innovation & Creativity across the organization by generating a lot of ideas/solutions Everything under one Roof (Implement a true Single Sign ON) Quick, Easy & Controlled access to Important Resources like Knowledge, Documents, etc. Become Agilewww.uknowva.com11 11. Benefits of uKnowva In a nutshell, make your organization MORE Connected Scalable Organized Collaborative Effective & Efficient Basically Much SMARTERwww.uknowva.com12 12. Why Social ?www.uknowva.com13 13. How Secure is uKnowva Everything is Login Protected Can be configured to Run on Https 128 bit encryption Can be turned into a VPNwww.uknowva.com14 14. Who is using uKnowva?www.uknowva.com15 15. How can you Implement uKnowva?On-premisewww.uknowva.comOn-cloud17 16. Q&Awww.uknowva.com18