Enovation Solutions - Alfresco Project Collaboration Portal - Breakfast Briefing 27-Mar-2012

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Text of Enovation Solutions - Alfresco Project Collaboration Portal - Breakfast Briefing 27-Mar-2012

Enovation Solutions - Alfresco Project Collaboration Portal Breakfast Briefing 27-Mar-2012

Introduction to EnovationsProject Collaboration Portal

Enovation Solutions Ltd The Friary, Bow Street, Dublin 7 www.enovation.iedelivering a complete solution


Todays AgendaIntroduce the Project Collaboration Portal

About Enovation Solutions

Explain the solution Ciaran Walsh

Demo how it works Ciaran Walsh

RCSI case study Luke Feeney

Q & A


Enovation Solutions Irish Solutions Integrator 2000 founded by our current management teamDeliver complex projects through the provision of on-site professional expertise2003 adopted Open Source products2012 market leader having built significant expertise in large scale project delivery across eLearning, Document Management and Content Management solutions


Enovation Solutions Our CapabilitiesDevelopment & Support of Open Source products forTraining and Education sectorsMoodle, Mahara, Drupal Moodle Partners in Ireland and France Document and Content Management Alfresco, DrupalWeb Hosting (either outsourced / on-site managed)Application SupportCustomisation IntegrationTraining Consultancy Product/Tool Selection, Solution Design


Strong relevant experience of Java Technology

The largest dedicated team working on Open Source Technology Solutions in IrelandQualified professionals, Active contributors to open source Unique in Ireland in terms of the breath of applications we support Personal commitment from Enovation Directors to the quality of software we deliver

Enovation Solutions Our Expertise


Implementation skills & experience of the delivery management TeamKey delivery roles Technical PM Technical LeadIT Manager Common denominator, all Passionate about software development Active contributors to blogs & forums Research and advise on new technologiesWith Enovation for at least 5 years

Enovation Solutions Our People


Clients in Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, US100+ Moodle clients & elearning solutions (100,000 active users)Aer Lingus RyanairVHIGAARCSI PaddyPowerA&L GoodbodyFASTCDDCUGarda Sochna (Irish Police)CEPOL European Police Training College (UK)International Trade Commission (UN Geneva)World Customs Org.(Brussels)Alfresco Clients RCSIThree Irl Meath CoCo TCD Cromwell LettersProfessional Services (a representative sample) Dublin Airport Authority Bank of Ireland Group Allied Irish Bank Aviva KPMGSpencer Stuart

Enovation Solutions Our Clients


The Project Collaboration Portal


A projects success excellent communication and collaboration between teams & stakeholdersType of collaboration & communication Review plans, M.I. and reports Make documents available for review by a secure user group authorised personnel Give limited read / write accessStore and back up for a defined period (may be dictated by legislation)May need some integration with other systems.Adhere to security, compliance, regulatory and privacy requirements of the sector inline with business or project specifics

Why Projects Collaborate


ECM the term to describe a formalized means of organizing and storing a project or organisations documents and other contentWhy?GovernanceRetentionCompliance Email / Audit Trail / TraceabilityAny business decision Uniquely identified records / documents

Pillars of Enterprise Content Management


Combining Project and ECM ALFRESCO


Implementing the Project Collaboration Solution

Support &Maintain


Why Choose Alfresco? Open source alternative for Enterprise Content and Document management (ECM)Alfresco Community Edition (Free)Personalised by projectExtended services including IntegrationWorkflowRules & actionsMigrations Theming


We address these weaknesses by offering a complete End2End solution to an open source ECM package

StrengthsGlobal traction (55 countries)Increases penetration in enterprise customersStable platform for social and ECMsStrong in standards (CMIS) & integrations (Drupal, Joomla, Google docs, and Lotus)Alternative to Sharepoint, DocumentumSingle server, Total cost of ownershipWeaknessesTechnical competence required to manage the implementation Potential costs of implementation and development may negate the lower cost of entryRelies on integrators with ERP and CRM systems

Gartner Report Magic Quadrant 2010 for ECM Analysis of Alfresco


Rapid Deployment Full outsourced managed environment (On or Off site)Limited need for in-house IT resourcesDepending on functionality site can be up and running within a matter of days/weeksLow cost high capabilityTraining provided Advice & workshops on implementation

Ultimately a cost effective easy to implement solution

Why Enovations Solution offering


Managed Hosting means System is hosted in Enovations managed cloud hosting environment or on equipment hosted in client siteCloud environment supports rapid deployment and flexible server capacityServer is monitored, secure, patched and backed upApplication software is maintained An issue tracking system is utilised with reports on support usage


Project Collaboration Portal

Ciaran Walsh


The ProblemI cant find the information I need!Project documentation distributed across multiple locationsWhich document is the right one?Multiple (often conflicting) versions of documents sent via emailWhy was this change made?No way to capture decision processes or discussionsI cant easily share info and collaborate with my team and other project stakeholders!Especially with virtual teams and inter-organisation projects

The Answer: Project Collaboration PortalShared Document Library with Access ControlsDocument Version Control and Version HistoryDocument Comments and Project DiscussionsDocument Searching and TaggingReview and Approve Documents using WorkflowsProject Data Lists, Calendars, Blogs and WikisIntegrates with Microsoft Office and/or Google DocsEmail IntegrationAvailable Anywhere Anytime

Shared Document LibraryShared Document Library for all project documentationSingle location where everyone can find the definitive versions of documentsAccess controls to manage who can upload, change, and read documentsPreview of document contents in the web browser

Version Control and Version HistoryDocument Locking ensures only one user can edit a document at a time, preventing conflicting changes View current and all previous versions of a document using the documents Version HistoryRevert to an older version of a document if necessary

Document Comments andProject DiscussionsCapture the discussions and feedback around document changes using threaded comments attached to the documentDocument the decision making processes and other conversations using general project discussions

Document Searching and TaggingSearch for the information you need using Full Text Search of the contents of Microsoft Office, Open Office, and PDF documentsTag documents by subject area or other classification relevant to your projectBrowse the Document Library for any content classified by specific tags

Review and Approval WorfklowsAssign documents to a user for their review and approvalGroup approvals and user pools are also supportedWorkflow dashboard shows all your assigned tasks

Data Lists, Calendars, Blogs and WikisTrack To-Do lists and Agenda items using Data ListsShare important dates and events with the project team in the CalendarShare project updates and other news in the BlogCollaboratively document and share relevant project information in the Wiki

Microsoft Office & Google DocsView documents and upload new versions directly from Microsoft Office programs using the SharePoint protocolEdit documents directly in the web browser using Google Docs integration no additional software required on your PC

Email IntegrationStore project emails in the Document Library from Outlook and other email clientsUse email aliases for folders in the Document Library to automatically capture email conversationsNotify team members by email of new or amended documents in the Document Library

Available Anywhere AnytimeAccessible to all project team members via a web browser anywhere they have Internet accessAvailable at any timeSecurely hosted and maintained on Enovations proven hosting infrastructure

Advanced CustomisationsComplex document library permissionsAdvanced workflow definitionsIntegration with Active Directory/LDAP user accountsCustomised Themes

Examples from our ClientsRCSI Luke will describe

Three Ireland

Meath County Council

Trinity College Dublin Cromwells Letter Project

Three Ireland National Broadband SchemeRepository for sharing documents between Three Ireland and the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR)Documents relate to reporting on the implementation and rollout of the National Broadband SchemeReview and approval workflows implemented including email notifications and reminders

Meath County Council N2 BypassCollaboration site for the N2 Bypass planning process, hosted on servers in MCC, managed by us remotelyExternal experts invited to site, contribute their relevant documentsAdditional training for MCC staff to support local adminsMCC have created other collaboration sites for internal use only for specific projects

TCD History Department Cromwells LettersCollaboration site set up for the Cromwells Letters project, hosted on Enovations cloud hosting infrastructureUsers from TCD, C

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