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Using Social Media to Engage a Diverse Audience Presented by Tyler Clark at The Sixth Annual Nonprofit Summit

Engaging a diverse audience

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  • 1. Using Social Media toEngage a Diverse Audience Presented by Tyler Clark at The Sixth Annual Nonprofit Summit
  • 2. The ProblemIn the moment The aftermath
  • 3. Agenda Identify Develop personas to focus your message Understand Where is your audience and why? Target Craft your campaign to match
  • 4. Develop personas representing the types of people you want to connect to.Focus your message to align with their perspective. Identify
  • 5. Segment Define your segments Not every organization cares about the same types of people Donors, Volunteers, Activists who do you want to connect with?
  • 6. Personas Within the segments, develop personas Start with 3 personas within your most desired segment Age? Gender? Family? Job? Income? Education?
  • 7. Profile #1
  • 8. Profile #2
  • 9. Profile #3
  • 10. Go Deeper Start with demographics, but dont end there What are their values and beliefs? What motivates them to share?
  • 11. Determine where your audience is spending time and why. Ensure you are focusing your efforts in the right places. Understand
  • 12. Reality Check Take the personas to your next board meeting or membership committee Ask for feedback Ensure youre on the right track
  • 13. Rationale Based on what you know or project, why would they care about your organization? What would they get from it?
  • 14. Natural Habitat Where are they spending their time? Likely, Facebook Possibly, LinkedIn for professionals Also, Twitter for younger, more educated
  • 15. What Are They Doing? Why do they use social media? To be connected To gather information For entertainment For career & business purposes
  • 16. How To Find Out? Run a paper survey at your next local event Ask some questions of your existing fans & followers Create an online survey & send to email list
  • 17. Craft your campaign to match what youve learned.Plan a content calendar to ensure each message has maximum impact and a consistent voice. Target
  • 18. Plan Create a content calendar Plan 4 months out high level Plan 4 weeks out detail Ensure your topics and audiences are all addressed
  • 19. Content-Based Strategy
  • 20. Spread the Word Socially
  • 21. Share Relevant 3rd-Party Links
  • 22. Calls to Action Find the right voice for each audience Align your appeal to their values
  • 23. CorporateBecome a corporate sponsor for our annualdinner & show your support for those in need.
  • 24. ReligiousRemember Proverbs 22:9He who is generouswill be blessed, for he gives some of his food tothe poor.
  • 25. More aggressive?Proverbs 28:27He who gives to the poor willnever want, but he who shuts his eyes will havemany curses.
  • 26. SocialitesThis years gala will have you swing dancing tothe accompaniment of a national touring act!
  • 27. Tips on Tone Be personable Self deprecating Avoid polarizing Top Tens
  • 28. Your ChallengeBy the end of the week, profile 10-12Facebook fans, and group them into just 3personas.
  • 29. [email protected] 330-397-2275