Engagement - Looking into the finer details

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Lucy Wilsdon's presentation on email engagement, originally presented at Complete Email 2014.


<ul><li> 1. Engagement Looking into the finer details </li></ul> <p> 2. What I look like in my head The depressing reality 3. The funnel The Elephant A great engaged experience How do you measure engagement? How do you keep your database engaged? Think mobile Key takeaways Content 4. Data Engagement Conversion 5. How do you engage with your database? 6. Send lots of email? 7. 23 x marketing emails 20 x prospect emails (I had not engaged/created an account/purchased) 3 x emails where I was a customer (I had engaged/created an account/purchased) Then I saw the email about my elephant. What my inbox received on 26 April 2013 8. What should Own Art have done? Dont assume that as I have used their finance scheme, I have engaged with their brand Welcome me to Own Art Remind me what the value is to me Discuss their reach and what is available to me Then ask me to complete the survey with my buy in Do they know anyone else interested in this scheme? 9. A great engaged experience 10. Data Engagement Conversion Maintain Engagement 11. Sign up Preference data welcome newsletter convert Post purchase review Post purchase sigh up Birthday Loyalty Referral/viral How to engage 12. HOW DO YOU MEASURE ENGAGEMENT? 13. Open rates Click through rates Conversion Increased open rates Increased click through rates Increased conversion and regulatory of spend Decreasing opt out rates Positive List Growth 14. How do your customers engage with you? 15. Think mobile 16. Device Engagement Mobile will always sit on your attribution funnel somewhere Even if consumers dont buy on mobile they will be researching on mobile, optimise for it Cross device usage is a way of life for people, even if you cant measure it, prepare for it Consider what you are trying to do at what time? Just because I can open your email at any time, can I engage with you call to action? 17. Engagement is a an ongoing process It is not a given Responsive design is not the only answer Your competitors are anyone else in that inbox Reward beyond simple discounts Key takeaways 18. Any questions? Lucy Wilsdon Head of Enterprise Sales, Pure360 Lucy.wilsdon@pure360.com 01273 647871 Thanks for listening! </p>