Enc 1102 methods and results

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  • 1. Click here for your final schedule Questions?

2. Literature Review: intro, headings,niche orgap Methods: This should be the heading rightunder the last paragraph of your lit review. 3. What you may have so far With a partner, make a list of: What does the methods section look like? How is it organized? What information does it include? 4. http://www.parenting.com/ What does the genre look like? How is it organized? What information does it include? Are there citations? How are they formatted? 5. Option 1: Continue adding to your paper. Youwill add a Results and Discussion sectionthat might look something like this: http://issuu.com/lauramartinez6/docs/results_sample_3 6. Create a project that is intended for adifferent audience (non-academic). First,decide on the audience, decide on a genresuitable for that audience, and analyze thegenre as part of your methods section. Your methods section might look like this You will then create your genre and turn thatin as your project. 7. What option will you go with? Option 1: academic paper (write out your results) Option 2: non-academic genre (analyze genre and audience in your methods) How confident do you feel about what you need to do to complete your project? 8. No class Monday. Work on conducting yourfield-research. On Wednesday, bring any data you mighthave to class, along with any progress onyour methods section (this can all be on yourcomputer)