EMRC AgriBusiness Forum Workshop iii Bralirwa, Sven Piederiet

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  • 1. BRALIRWA Ltd PRESENTATION Kampala, 5 October 2010

2. OUTLINE : - Who we are - Project Rationale - Key aspects of implementation - Costs - Sustainability 3. Who we are: BraMin-Rwanda - Joint venture between BRALIRWA Ltd and MINIMEX SA - BRALIRWA Ltd: Rwandan Beverage Company established in 1959, owned by Heineken (70%) and Government of Rwanda (30%) - MINIMEX SA: Owns the biggest maize mill in Rwanda, running a state of art equipment to produce maize meal and maize grits for brewery industry. 4. Algeria: Barley Sierra Leone: sorghum South-Africa: Barley DRC: rice & sugar Nigeria: sorghum Egypt: Malted barley Rwanda: maize Burundi: sorghum Egypt: grapes Heineken Sustainability Vision 2020: 60% of raw materials to be sourced locally 5. Project rationales - Sourcing strategy: Increase quantity of maize production of the required quality while stabilizing prices - Partnership with rural communities: Innovation and technology transfer to outgrowers - Contribution to national priorities: Promoting irrigation and mechanization on medium and small scale farming in Kayonza District/Rwanda Contribute to improve maize value chain (high yielding maize varieties, post harvest handling, processing) 6. Key aspects of implementation Strategy 1: Irrigation First use of Center Pivot irrigation technology in Rwanda (700 Ha) Efficient use of water resources, energy and time (combining irrigation and application of chemical and fertilizers) 7. Strategy 2: Mechanisation - Innovation: First private medium scale mechanized farm, as a model farm - Proper soil management : Use of environment friendly technology (equipments adapted to minimum tillage ) 8. Strategy 3: Crop intensification - Use of high yield varieties (Eg Hybrids maize) combined with irrigation and fertilisers - Crop rotation practices for sustainable soil management (combination of cereals and legumes to regenerate soil fertility) - Increased productivity: Maize: From 1.2T/Ha to 10T/Ha Soja: 0.8T/Ha to 2T/Ha. Tomato: 30T/Ha to 70T/Ha 9. Strategy 4: Inclusion small scale farms in the value chain - Support to 500 outgrowers neighbouring project site. Technology transfer (access to mechanisation and use of high yield varieties) Project equipment available for use by outgrowers upon payment for service Offering post harvest services to ensure product quality and reduce losses. Market: Bra Min to purchase outgrowers production. 10. Project costs and financing - Project cost: 1.9 Million USD - Financial contribution BRALIRWA Ltd and MINIMEX SA Grant from EVD Programme /The Netherlands Government 11. Sustainability: Building a commercially viable project - Project core business operated by professional managers (profitability, competitiveness) - Building capacity and partnership with outgrowers - Strong commitment from the Government of Rwanda (GoR) to promote irrigation and modern agriculture. - BraMin committed to partner with the GoR and small farmers to modernise agriculture. 12. Our Contact: Names: Sven Eric Piederiet Function: MD BRALIRWA Ltd Address: P.O. Box 131, Kigali, RWANDA phone +250 252 584 690 satellite +31 71 5819910 mobile +250 78830 1884 e-mail s.e.piederiet@heineken.com