Empowering Your Organization With Share Point

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Empowering Your Organization with SharePoint WebcastDecember 7, 2009http://www.nten.org


<ul><li> 1. Empowering Your Organizationwith SharePointDux Raymond Sy, PMPDecember 7, 2009http://www.nten.org </li></ul> <p> 2. Presentation Objectives After completing this presentation, you will be able todescribe the benefits of leveraging SharePoint forempowering your organization In addition, you will be able to comprehend SharePointscapabilities to Enhance Document Management Promote better collaboration Improve reporting Automate business processes Integrate with existing tools 3. Dux Raymond Sy, PMP Managing Partner, Innovative-E, Inc. Author, SharePoint for Project Management by OReilly Media For more information, connect with Dux E-Mail: dux.sy@innovative-e.com Twitter: twitter.com/meetdux LinkedIn: meetdux.com/li Blog: meetdux.com 4. Agenda Why SharePoint? 7 Ways SharePoint Can Empower Your Organization How to Successfully Leverage SharePoint Questions and Answers 5. What a Concept Technology provides no benefits of its own; it is the application of technology to business opportunities that produces ROI. Robert McDowell, In Search of Business Value 6. Share +Point 7. Whats SharePoint? The business collaboration platform for the enterprise andthe web Allows individuals in an organization to easily create andmanage their own collaborative Web sites Simplifies how people find and share information acrossboundaries, and enabling better informed decisions Seamlessly integrates with Windows and MS Office Does not refer to a specific product or technology Using the word Microsoft SharePoint is like using theword Microsoft Office Refers to several aspects of Web-based collaborativesolutions 8. SharePoint as an Organizational Platform Individual groups can have a collaborative web site Access can be limited to the team and appropriatestakeholders Relevant information can be centrally stored andmaintained Reporting and Communications can be streamlined Relatively easy to use IT intervention is minimal Based on familiar tools andtechnologies: Web, Windows,Microsoft Office 9. Agenda Why SharePoint? 7 Ways SharePoint Can Empower Your Organization How to Successfully Leverage SharePoint Questions and Answers 10. #1 Easily Create a Collaborative Site Technical skill requirement is minimal Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office Familiar with web browsing Easily define relevant access Based on communication needs If deployed appropriately, IT does nothave to deal with Updating content Defining account privileges Maintaining a document repository 11. #2 Efficiently Manage Information SharePoint provides various tools to effectively centralizeand manage information Schedule Documents Change Request Risk/Issue Log Budget Document management features Information storage Check-in/check-out Version control Content approval 12. Demonstration Creating a SharePoint Site 13. #3 Facilitate Team Collaboration Document Collaboration Document Workspaces can be used to jointly developrequirements document, reports, templates, etc. Tools Wikis to document lessons learned Discussion boards for offline communication Meeting Workspaces to support meetings 14. Example: Clarifying Requirements 15. #4 Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Tools E-mail Microsoft Office Word Excel PowerPoint Project Enterprise tools 16. DemonstrationSynchronizing Excel and SharePoint 17. #5 Automate Business Processes Common project workflows Change Control Expense Reimbursement Vacation Request SharePoint workflows Three-State Custom workflows 18. #6 Generate Relevant Reports SharePoint can be used to generate relevant Interactive summary of a project Project tasks information Automated alerts Dashboards can be created using Web Parts Red, Amber, Green (RAG) Status Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Charts 19. Example: Milestones Dashboard 20. #7 Integrate with Existing LOB Systems Integrate SharePoint with existing data sources SQL based data Web Services XML Non Microsoft enterprise systems CRM Reporting Tools 21. Agenda Why SharePoint? 7 Ways SharePoint Can Empower Your Organization How to Successfully Leverage SharePoint Questions and Answers 22. Address the Business Needs What are the business pain points? Project Management HR Finance Departments Proper requirements gathering is critical Analyst should understand both the business andSharePoint SharePoint is just a tool 23. Analyze SharePoint Priorities What business need are you addressing? Collaboration Document Management Automate Processes Enhance Reporting Complex branding, unless necessary, should not be apriority 24. Establish SharePoint Governance SharePoint Taxonomy Information Architecture User Management Usage Policies and Guidelines Adoption Plan Support and Maintenance Future Releases 25. SharePoint Implementation ContinuumDraconian IT Wild Wild West EmpowermentControlChaos 26. Agenda Why SharePoint? 7 Ways SharePoint Can Empower Your Organization How To Successfully Leverage SharePoint Questions and Answers 27. Questions?E-Mail: dux.sy@innovative-e.comLinkedIn: meetdux.com/liBlog: meetdux.comTwitter: meetdux How did you like the presentation? http://sp.meetdux.com/post_feedback.aspx 28. Resources WhitePaper: Empowering Your Organization with SharePointhttp://go.meetdux.com/xqkn 5 Reasons Why Executive SharePoint Ignorance is Not Blisshttp://go.meetdux.com/393b Delivering SharePoint Success Mentoring Workshophttp://go.meetdux.com/z3m5 SharePoint 101 Screencastshttp://go.meetdux.com/gbaj Are you doing what it takes to succeed at implementingSharePoint?http://bit.ly/e9Bj8 29. ThankYou! </p>


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