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  • 1. EMC Documentum & Captiva
  • 2. ECM - Enterpise Content Management Upravljanje sadrajima preduzeda Skup tehnologija koje se koriste za kreiranje/obuhvat, upravljanje, privremeno/trajno skladitenje i isporuku sadraja i dokumenata vezanih za organizacione procese. AIIM, 2005 AIIM - Association for Information and Image Management, The Enterprise Content Management Association.
  • 3. ECM Magic Quadrant 2008 Source: Gartner (September 2008)
  • 4. Enterprise Content Management - Components Document Imaging Document Management Web Content Management Records Management Document-Centric Collaboration Workflow Source: Gartner
  • 5. The Big Picture Create / Capture Manag Deliver / e Archive Security and Audit Trails Office Applications (MS Word) Email CD- Fax Library Services Rom Versioning Lifecycles and Workflows Publicatio Website Wireles ns s s XML Applications Renditions and Transformations Enterprise Applications CAD (ERP, CRM, Applications etc.) Scanned Images Documentum ECM Platform Archival / Storage Computer-Generated Documents (Reports)
  • 6. One Unified Repository Customer Newsletter Process Portal Production SOPs Documentum ECM Platform Projects Templates R&D Compliance Content Processes Brand Management System Context Decisions, Outcomes Technical Publishing Financial Disclosure Online Catalog
  • 7. Example Scenario: Driver's License Background Check (search) 5 Years Later Application (E-Form) Timer (Agent) Completeness Digital Picture Check Workflow Renewal Notice Digital Thumbprint Issued License Proof of Insurance (scan)
  • 8. The Only Unified ECM Platform Operational Compliance Collaborative Mktg/Publishing CARS Solutions Solutions Solutions Solutions Solutions Process Optimize Collaborative Workplaces Work Processes BPI Enterprise Apps, Purpose-built Apps Services Portals, Authoring Environments, Business Process Automation DocumentsForms WebRich Media ImagesMessages Reports Content Put Your Information Capture/Edit Library services Transformation Services to Work Publishing/ AIS Classification Search Distribution Compliance/ Archival Mitigate Risk Repository Retention Services Policy Management Intelligent Storage Integration Services EAI ECI ERP,CRM, etc. Legacy content RDBMS External content Legend: EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) ECI (Enterprise Content Integration) AIS (Authoring Integration Services) BPI (Business Process Integration)
  • 9. Repository Services Advanced Security Records Manager Retention Policy Services Content Storage Services Trusted Content Services Import Manager Audits Trusted Content Services Encryption Authentication Rules-based access control Dynamic security groups Digital shredding Secure storage Electronic signatures Electronic signatures Client-Server and Repository encryption Authentication Single sign-on
  • 10. Content Services Content Server Content Server Content web Information white papers Core Services Transformation SOPs product requirements Services video emails competitive analysis Manage all content types NDA meeting notes Content Intelligence Content Server provides content MRP project plans repository Services Order Unstructured animation Mgmt. letters Content Library Services Distribution invoices Services Check-in, Check-out ERP photos Structured fingerprints Secur