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  • 1. Email Marketing to IncreaseSales & Guest Loyalty Presented by Fishbowl

2. Fishbowl Cocktail Facts12 years old, 140+ employees- Alexandria, VA basedThe leading provider of on-demand marketing software and services to the restaurant industryServing over 40,000 restaurant locationsManaging an opt-in member database of over 85 million guestsMore than 2 billion email messages distributed annuallyTechnology and services designed specifically for the restaurant industryChosen partner of leading organizations in the restaurant industry 3. Agenda Why Email? Growing Your List Elements of a Successful Email Program Create Loyalty Campaign Opportunities Local Store Marketing Integrating Social Media Tracking & Measuring Results 10 Tips to Walk Away With 4. Why Email Marketing?More than 204,000,000 Americans use email regularly-Pew Internet & American Life Project & Google PublicData (April 2010)86% have given their email to a retailer$43.52 returned for every dollar spent in 2009 -Direct Marketing Association (2009) Email IS Mobile 75% of daily social media users said email is stillthe best way for companies to communicatewith them. - Marketing Sherpa (2010) 41 percent of consumers surveyed by the NRA say they choose new restaurants because of e-mail promotions... -National Restaurant Association (2010) 5. Common Questions How do I build a list? What kind of messages shouldBuild,Send Offers, I send? Manage, & Grow EmailLists Menus, Specials,Events How often? What works best?Track Campaigns for Delivery & Customer How do I measure results, ROI?Engagement How do I manage all of this!!!! 6. How To Grow Your Lists In Store Paper Sign Up Slips Staff Engagement &Incentives POS Materials To-Go Bags Window Clings Placemats Staff Buttons 7. How To Grow Your Lists Online Website Join Form Social Media Sites Contests/Sweepstakes Forward to a Friend Online Reservations Online Ordering 8. How To Grow Your Lists Other Sources Public & Charity Events Mobile Phone Applications Loyalty Cards Flash Buying Sites 9. Elements of a successful programMix of 3 elements: Brand, Community,Loyalty 2-3 Loyalty gifts annually to drive enrollmentand baseline ROI (ex: BOGO entre gifts onWelcome, Birthday, Anniversary) 12-18 brand and community messages per year 1-2 other Surprise offers, usually one-day offers= Total of 18-24 communications per year 10. Create Loyalty 11. But I hate to discount.Offer isnt perceived as a coupon when it... is a Thank You gift Uses humor Promotes a cause 12. Case StudyBirthday Promo 13,563 members in database No-strings attached BirthdayGift 40% redemption rates(versus 8-12% Fishbowlaverage) Results: $200,000 in directlyattributable sales plus great goodwill and lotsof new diners 13. Campaign Opportunities Use consistent messaging with a good mix of emails: Restaurant News Last Minute Special Events Theme Dinners Kids-Related In-Store Events (music, trivia) New Menu / Recipes Community Related Events Gift Card Sales Holiday / Seasonal Events Viral Marketing 14. Special Menus, Events 15. Cause Marketing 16. Kid Friendly Promotions 17. Target Your Best GuestsIntegrate your email program with local online reservation solutions to increase recognition, results, measurability Click here to book your birthday dinnerandgift from us Create other promotions for holidays, slowdayparts Seamless software integration with Reserve Now button 18. EVENTValentines Day lunch and dinner specialmenusPromoted with 2 emails to list of 3,905members.Included link to reserve onlineRESULTS23% open rate, 149 click-throughsSold out entire restaurant 19. Have Fun! SMOOCH YOUR POOCH! Stop in any Wednesday in April with your dog to get a free large cheese pizza. No Dog? Bring your significant other pet* You may be required to kiss that animal on the lips to prove that significant other pet is really yours. 20. Is email really Social?MobileDevices NewMedia Marketing Social Email MediaHow are people sharing? 21. Word travels fast in a social world FoursquareFacebook Customer "checks" Hows this for a Tax day fatigue?in with yourtax deduction--- Come in 4/15 forrestaurant, finds out $10.40 off a check of about promotiontake $10.40 off $20 or more.and this is broadcastyour check, AprilRestrictions apply.15th only! Alcohol to their social Just show yournetwork (Facebook,& gratuity not Tweet to your Twitter) which inincl, min purchase server! turn advertises yourof $20 required. venue to his or herOne-time offer.friends, gaining EmailMention you readthison exposure to even more people.Facebook!Tweet 22. Connecting Facebook Fans to Email databases User Signs InRespondsBecomesand a Fan SharesFan Signs Receive Up forStatus Updates E-club 23. Facebook Email Join Form 23 24. Turn Your Customers into PromotersSocial Sharing Links:A simple click of the Facebook sharing button,inserted into your restaurants emails, andrecipients can promote your restaurantsmessages to their friends across theFacebook network. The average social media user hasnearly 200 friends with which to share your restaurantsmessagesFacebook Stats:The average Facebook user has 120 friends, and theircommunications pack the power of a personal referral not advertising clutter. 25. Deliverability Ensure your provider is Whitelisted or Sender Score Certified Avoid over messaging Avoid large images in the body and large attachments Avoid Spam Filter Triggers in the body/ subject line, such as: Free, f r e e, weight loss, $, debt, Claim, earn, Hot, juicy Practice Confirmed Guest Opt-in or Double Opt- in 26. Measure your ResultsAnalyze and evaluate the success of your marketingImprove effectiveness through measurement and testingCompare your performance to industry benchmarksShare campaign results with your staffGain in-store and online feedback from your guests 27. How to Measure Results 28. All-In Per Store ROIAssumptions:Table-service, $16 PPA x 2.5 guests = $ 40 average check per table2,000 list members per store; 3 loyalty gifts (Welcome/Anniversary, B-day, Survey)$ 9 avg. discount, 10% average redemption, 40% direct costs, 20% cannibalizationper store, full year: loyalty gifts only +1 visit/yrloyalty gift redemptions 600600additional undiscounted visits 0 2,000total program visits 600 2,600(x) check average = Added Sales$ 24,000$ 104,000(-) 20% cannibalization on offers(4,800)(4,800)(=) Net incremental sales $ 19,200 $ 99,200(-) All discounts (600 x $ 9)(5,400)(5,400)(-) 40% direct costs (on incremental sales)(7,680) (39,680)(=) Added Profit before program costs$ 6,120 $ 54,120 29. 10 Tips to walk away with Build your list through multiple channels Create fun and interactive emails Emphasize your brand personality Be open and responsible Manage the frequency Dont be Boring! Shape the customer experience- Provide ROI Integrate with social media Measure and share your results Create Loyalty- Current guests are best sourceof new guests 30. Questions? 31. For More Info on Fishbowl Joe Gabriel Association Alliances Manager 703-836-3421x230twitter/fishbowljoefacebook/fishbowljoe