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  • 1. Electricity and magnetism By Kamela Jackson

2. What is Magnetism? It is a force of attraction to another magnet or metals. Workers sometimes use a big magnet to lift heavy things. Magnets have a magnetic field. 3. How Do Magnets Work? Magnets work by having a north and south pole. The north and south want to stick to each other. North and north dont want to stick so then they repel. 4. Magnetic Field The earth has a magnetic field to protect us from the suns hot,hot,hot wind. If we did not have the magnetic field we would be dead. 5. What is Electricity? One type of electricity is Static electricity. It is the same feeling when you drag your feet across the carpet and when you touch something metal then you feel a quick sting. static electricity 6. What is electricity? The other is current electricity is a flow of electric charge. 7. How Does Electricity Work? Electricity works because there are atom and sometimes the electron gets knocked out then it gets knocked out again and it get knocked out to another one then it makes electricity. 8. Lightning It is a natural electric discharge and very high voltage from the sky to the ground .Then you see a bright flash. 9. How are Electricity And Magnetism Connected ? Electricity can make magnets and magnets can make electricity. A maglev train runs by magnets and the lights run by electricity. 10. What Are Some Practical Uses of Electricity and Magnetism Light bulb White board Tv computer creditcard 11. Direct current (dc) Direct current means instead of going back and forth it just goes straightDirect current 12. Attract I know that two magnet have a north and south they are like electrons and protons and they stick. 13. direct currentCompass A compass has a needle. I know that the compass always points north. Sailors use a compass so the dont get lost. 14. Source en.wikipedia.org www.swe.org www.greatamericanthings.net lifestyledenver. com benclamax.gnbo.com.ng www. layoutsparks.comElectricityworksby, whentheresastormthecoldwatergoesupandt hehotgoesdown.Theli occasionallyarchitectural.com 15. source http://assets.inhabitat.com/wps/static.jpg http://us.123rf. com/400wm/400/400/argus456/argus4560902/argus456090200370/4385942lightning-or-electricity-on-a-dark-background.jpghttp://upload.wikimedia. org/wikipedia/commons/8/8b/Nelson_River_Bipoles_1_and _2_Terminus_at_Rosser.jpg http://upload.wikimedia. org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f8/Compass_Rose_English _North.svg/237px-Compass_Ro http://ironhillbrewery.com/blog/mapleshade/files/2009/06/finkelstein.jpgcosmicconvergence.org