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2. Animoto 3. HOW TO REMEMBER NAMES? 1. adjectives 2. repetition 4. Threats of Accounts Facebook: 1) Fake Profile: Google Images Upload and check the photo where it has been used. 2) 5. Google Images http://images.google.com/ Randomly choose a photo 6. File Transfer http://wetransfer.com (Send up 2GB) It sends us notification X downloaded it. After 3days, the file will automotically 7. Your Digital Footprints Password management lon123don some coding facebook:lon123don twitter:lon123don at a minimum, 10 characters 8. Web Search http://www.google.ca/advanced_search Google Advanced Search Tefl in London -ads www.startpage.com (not shown on the computer -no history track) -visual search (www.specify.com) 9. Private search www.startpage.com 10. Slideshare https://www.slideshare.net/ _make a short link (www.tinyurl.com) (Instead of sending emails) 11. Courseware, Licensing, Blogs -When you have a blog, you have a real audience. sts have a chance to develop their digital media skills. encouraging reflective learning Blogs are regarded as CV in many countries. 12. Blogging Platforms blogger (the easiest) Wordpress Edublogs 13. Animoto Ss can prepare anything with that. 14. Google Fight www.googlefight.com -use quotation marks yeni sayfa oluturmak iin layout a git 15. Safety Issues Open or closed blogs? Photos on the blogs Plagiarism freedigitalphotos.net 16. Vocaroo Vocaroo -premier voice recording service http://vocaroo.com linkler 3 ay saklanr ama mp3 olarak kaydedebiliriz. embedded codes Bloggera HTML olarak yaptr. 17. Voki 18. voki http://www.voki.com SS love it story telling 19. Word Cloud Generations vocabulary revisions warm-up posters grammar both online and offline www.tagul.com 20. Blogging assigning hw with deadlines video sharing 21. Tagul vocabulary revision pre-reading activity turning essays into word clouds follow-up activity 22. Animoto -Introducing oneself -story telling -animoto.com/education/classroom 23. padlet www.padlet.com -padlet da yaptmz duvar rencilerimizle paylaabiliriz. -blogda paylamak istersek share ksmna basp onu kopyalayp paylaabiliriz.