A Presentation of Seminar on “DTS-i Technology” Submitted By: Punit Kumar Singh

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The DTS-i (digital twin spark ignition) system use in 4 stroke petrol engine .In INDIA this technology use in bajaj motors.

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A Presentation ofSeminar

on“DTS-i Technology”

Submitted By: Punit Kumar Singh

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What Is DTS-i System

Digital Twin Spark Ignition has two spark plugs that use to ignite the charge in the combustion chamber.

2 spark plugs at either ends of the combustion chamber help in faster and better combustion.

It only use in the petrol engine.

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Why do we use the DTS-i in 4-stroke Petrol Engine

In 4-stroke petrol engine at ignition time the air and fuel mixture does not burn completely. But when DTS-i system use in engine the rich mixture completely burn and the ignition time decrease. And power of engine increases

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• DTS-i use in 4-stroke petrol engine . And each cylinder having two spark plugs.

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Working of DTS-I system

When the rich mixture of air and fuel enter in the combustion chamber , the two spark plugs

fixed at opposite end of engine cylinder generated spark and this spark burn the mixture that burned mixture gives power to the 4-stroke engine. Here spark generated by the microchip .

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The working of Digital twin

spark ignition in 4-stroke

petrol engine shown in diagram

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Various functions of DTS-i system

It use to increases the efficiency .It use for faster and better combustion.It has two spark plug , so it burns the

complete rich mixture (air and fuel) in 4stroke petrol engine.

It use to increase the power output of engine.

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Combustion Process In SI engine

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What are the benefits of DTS-i system

Ignition time decreases.The rich mixture (air and fuel) completely

burns in combustion chamber.Power produced by DTS-i more compare to

single spark ignition system.Increase the pick up of engine

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Less vibrations and noise.Long life of the engine parts such as piston

rings and valve stem.Decrease in the specific fuel consumption.No over heating.Gradual increase in the pressure.

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Disadvantages of DTS-i system

The engine tends to overheat and loose power at higher speeds as compared to a single plug engine.

There may be a kind of knocking sound on the machine. DTS-i is actually a simpler, cheaper and low-tech alternative to

making more power and burning less fuel. However owners mistakenly think it is high-tech.

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bike in which we use the dts-i engine?

In india bajaj has patented for dtsi technology . At present platina,xcd125,135,discover150,pulsar 135,150,180,200,220 are using the dtsi (digital twin spark ignition system). which means the petrol enters into the cylinder burns more efficiently.

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