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Drupal Organic Groups, DrupalCamp Finland 2014, Kari Kriinen


<ul><li> 1. Kari Kriinen DrupalCamp Finland 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. What are we going to talk about? Organic groups, a contributed module, version 7.x-2.x Laying a foundation for understanding OG Background What is it good for? Setting up Testing access control These slides will be available in SlideShare 3. Why? OG is powerful but complicated Many ways to adjust permissions and access control No out of the box solution for layout OG has gone through some major changes from 6 to 7, and 7.1 to 7.2 4. Who am I? Kari Kriinen, kari.kaariainen@nettimaakari.fi 1980 fooling around with Intel 8086, Assembly language Mostly self taught on computers and web Master of Music, Sibelius Academy Worked at Sibelius Academy IT department Used to develop my own CMS on PHP until finding Drupal 2008 www.nettimaakari.fi, self employed I build sites, do migrations, some design/theming, some module programming 5. Who are you? How many of you know at least something about OG? How many of you have tried it but don't have anything in production at the moment? How many of you have an actual OG application in mind? How many of you are using OG in production now? 6. What is Organic groups (OG)? Create user groups... Only admin creates groups Let users create groups ("organic") Let users assign admins for groups ...Make users become members... users apply for membership, you accept you assign them ... share content with members 7. Compared with Facebook groups Public, Private or Hidden Pros Finished, complete product, ready to use Many users already know it Nice layout Cons You don't own your data No exceptions, no tweaks No styling or customizing Unexpected changes OG hooks to the rest of Drupal 8. Fun fact from the early days 2004 Carl-Magnus Dumell was looking for a gallery and club functionality for Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE Emailed Drupal core developers, Moshe Weitzman was available -&gt; Organic Groups 4.6.x-1.x YLE has been actively promoting Open source 9. Short history of OG versions Rewrite 6 -&gt; 7 Entities and fields Major change 7.1 -&gt; 7.2 Group entity was discarded Now status quo, good time to come onboard 10. Distributions using OG To name a few Open Atrium 2 (based on Panopoly) Acquia Commons Open public Open publish Explore to learn and to see if a good fit for your needs Make sure you have a powerful machine 11. Testing(/development) environment Keep it simple, really simple Install WAMP, MAMP, XAMPP, or similar Install Drupal, Standard profile 12. Testing environment (cont.) http://localhost/ogtesting/install.php 13. Testing environment (cont.) When installed, disable these modules Toolbar Search Overlay (for now, just to keep urls simple) 14. Testing environment (cont.) Download modules to sites/all/modules Needed for OG Chaos tool suite Entity API Entity Reference Organic groups Views Bulk Operations Views Not needed for OG, but for our environment Administration menu Module filter Devel 15. Testing environment (cont.) Enable modules For OG Chaos tools Entity API Entity Reference Organic groups UI Organic groups Views Bulk Operations Views UI Views For testing environment Administration menu Toolbar style Administration menu Module filter Devel node access Devel Switch user 16. Testing environment (cont.) http://localhost/ogtesting/ 17. Testing environment (cont.) Delete the core content types (youll thank me later) Article Basic page 18. Testing environment (cont.) http://localhost/ogtesting/admin/structure/types 19. Testing environment (cont.) Create users Insider and Outsider http://localhost/ogtesting/admin/people/create 20. Testing environment (cont.) Give both Anonymous and Authenticated roles permission to switch users -&gt; you are able to switch freely between any user (never on production site) http://localhost/ogtesting/admin/people/permissions 21. Testing environment (cont.) Assign Switch user block somewhere you can easily see it 22. First scenario, public groups Everybody can see the group Everybody can post to the group 23. First scenario, public groups (cont.) Add content type Group Name: Group Display settings, Display author and date information: off Comment settings, Default comment setting for new content: hidden Organic groups, Specify how OG should treat content of this type: Group 24. First scenario, public groups (cont.) http://localhost/ogtesting/admin/structure/types/add 25. First scenario, public groups (cont.) Add content type Posting Name: Posting Display settings, Display author and date information: off Comment settings, Default comment setting for new content: hidden Organic groups, Specify how OG should treat content of this type: Group content 26. First scenario, public groups (cont.) http://localhost/ogtesting/admin/structure/types/add 27. First scenario, public groups (cont.) http://localhost/ogtesting/admin/structure/types 28. First scenario, public groups (cont.) Configure OG's permissions For Member role, add "Create Posting content" "Edit own Posting content" "Delete own Posting content Note that by design, Non-member cannot get the right to create Posting content 29. First scenario, public groups (cont.) http://localhost/ogtesting/admin/config/group/permissions/node/group 30. First scenario, public groups (cont.) Create a group First group http://localhost/ogtesting/node/add/group 31. First scenario, public groups (cont.) http://localhost/ogtesting/node/1 32. First scenario, public groups (cont.) Assign Insider to group http://localhost/ogtesting/group/node/1/admin/people/add-user 33. First scenario, public groups (cont.) Switch user to Insider and post to the group http://localhost/ogtesting/node/add/posting 34. First scenario, public groups (cont.) http://localhost/ogtesting/node/2 35. Rudimentary layout Panels Preferred by module maintainers Pros: flexible, powerful, popular Cons: challenging to set up, maybe overkill for some sites OG extras Brings back what was in OG 6 36. Rudimentary layout (cont.) Group members block Enable OG extras Assign OG Extras group members block somewhere 37. Rudimentary layout (cont.) Group contents listing (also by OG extras) Enable EVA (Entity Views Attachment) Latest news listing automatically appear 38. First scenario, public groups (cont.) Testing See who can actually see and do what by switching users Test as Insider and Outsider 39. First scenario, public groups (cont.) Test as Insider 40. First scenario, public groups (cont.) Test as Outsider 41. Vocabulary in Drupal and OG Some fuzziness in term usage Permission Used as an general term Can we DO something to a piece of content, i.e. create, edit or delete Can we perform some other action (join a group / subscribe to a group) Access Can we VIEW a piece of content Field access: view field, edit field Visibility In OG, a user friendly synonym for Access Is a piece of content private or public Private: only group members can see a piece of content Public: anyone (who can view published content) can see a piece of content Context: when viewing a node, are we "in a group" or not Audience: list of groups a piece of content is posted to 42. Second scenario, private groups Everybody can see the group Only members can view the posts and post to the group 43. Second scenario, private groups (cont.) Core has no (granular) access control, "who can view" Enable OG access control Permissions need to be rebuilt 44. Second scenario, private groups (cont.) Most OG functionality is powered by fields Special OG field settings admin tool at http://localhost/ogtesting/admin/config/group/fields Some of this functionality is duplicated for convenience elsewhere, for example on Content type edit page, Organic groups vertical tab, for both Group and Posting 45. Second scenario, private groups (cont.) Add visibility (=access) fields to Group and Posting 46. Second scenario, private groups (cont.) Make Group public http://localhost/ogtesting/node/1/edit Make Group content private http://localhost/ogtesting/node/2/edit 47. Second scenario, private groups (cont.) Testing Test as Insider and Outsider Insider should see Group and Posting Outsider should see Group but shouldn't see Posting (Access denied) 48. Exceptions to public or private groups Visibilities can be mixed Private posting to a public group Set the visibility to private Public posting to private group Set the visibility to public 49. Third scenario, hidden group, one private field One field will be accessible only to Admin members Enable OG field access New set of permissions appear at http://localhost/ogtesting/admin/config/group/permissions/node/group Initially nobody can see anything OG permissions so far Creating nodes Editing nodes New set of permissions added Viewing fields Editing fields 50. Third scenario (cont.) Create Groupadmin user Add it to First group and make it administrator member 51. Third scenario (cont.) Make Group private http://localhost/ogtesting/node/1/edit 52. Third scenario (cont.) Add view permission for all existing fields for Member role and Administrator member role Create new field, Private field to Posting Add permission to view Private field for Administrator member only 53. Third scenario (cont.) Why was it important to keep it simple? Already 14 rows, 3 columns, 42 checkboxes in just the OG Field access section 54. Third scenario (cont.) Testing Test as Groupadmin, Insider, and Outsider Groupadmin should see everything, including the private field Insider should see everything, except the private field Outsider can't see either the group or the posting (Access denied) 55. Things to consider Managing users Let users subscribe to groups, with or without approval Add users to groups 56. Things to consider (cont.) Migration from 6.x Migrate module (7.x-2.5 even though it's old) is needed, OG uses that Other options exist Migration from 7.x-1.x Should work, make backups! 57. Things to consider (cont.) Email notifications Message notify module preferred by module maintainers Rules module practical for small needs 58. Where to learn more modulesunraveled.com, videos lullabot.com, videos drupal.stackexchange.com, questions and answers drupal.org/og, issue queue Community Documentation, Organic Groups Version 7.x-2.x at https://drupal.org/node/1603460 59. Questions? There are no dumb questions The next person may be thinking about the same thing 60. Thank you! Review at SlideShare </p>