Driving Team Productivity with Enterprise Social

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Driving Team Productivity with Enterprise SocialDriving Team Productivity with Enterprise SocialMarch 28, 2013Speakers:Rob Koplowitz, Walton Smith, Nick Matthews#yamteam1Speakers Nick MatthewsSenior Customer Success ManagerRob KoplowitzVP, Principal AnalystWalton SmithPrincipal#yamteam2A few notes before we beginTo join the conversation on Twitter, use the hashtag #yamteamSubmit questions along the way via the Q&A widgetIf you experience issues with slides advancing, please refresh your screen: F5 (Windows) / Command R (Mac)Audio is being provided by your computer, so be sure your speakers are turned onThe webinar is being recorded and you will receive a link to the recording via email#yamteamFinding The Value Of Social Business SoftwareForrester ResearchRob Koplowitz VP, Principal AnalystQuestions to: @rkoplowitzMarch 28, 2013We will evolve to working anytime, anywhere#yamteamImage source: Shutterstock5We are working more remotely Source: Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey, Q1 201166% of information workers in NA and EU already work remotely, half of whom are Hyper-Mobile#yamteamImage source: Shutterstock6We will carry incredible power and functionality wherever we go49% of information workers have smartphones and 25% use them for work*. 62% percent of organizations plan to or have implemented enterprise mobile applications.*Source: Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey, Q1 2011Source: Forrsighs Budgets And Priorities Tracker Survey, Q4 2010#yamteamSource: CBS Television Studios (Tricorder)Source: Apple (iPhone)Image source: Shutterstock7Interactions will get richer and more lifelike18% of information workers use desktop video conferencing for work* while 55% percent of organizations plan to or have implemented these capabilities. *Source: Forresters Q2 2011 US Workforce Technology And Engagement Online SurveySource: Forrsighs Budgets And Priorities Tracker Survey, Q4 2010#yamteamSource: MGM (Space Odyssey)Source: SkypeImage source: Shutterstock8We will access information in new waysSource: Forresters Q2 2011 US Workforce Technology And Engagement Online Survey11% of US information workers, 17% of Gen Y, and 28% of directors and executives use tablets at least once a day#yamteamSource: Amblin Entertainment (Tom Cruise Image)Source: Apple (iPad)Image source: ShutterstockWill insert in distributed version9The cloud will drive new possibilitiesSource: May 3, 2011, The SaaS Market Hits Mainstream: Adoption Highlights 2011 Forrester report18% of organizations have implement content or collaboration in the cloud, 21% more are planning to do so.#yamteam11% internal social4% internal microblogging10We will become increasingly socialOf US information workers, 20% use public social networks, 56% are investing in enterprise social solutions.Source: Forresters Q2 2011 US Workforce Technology And Engagement Online Survey#yamteam11And, its a priority for manySource: Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 201053% consider increased use and deployment of collaboration technologies a high or critical software priority.#yamteam12The new breed of solutions offerInnovation at the speed of cloudMobile first, platform independentConsumer-like user experience#yamteam 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction ProhibitedAnd social continues to lag13Some things work better in the movieshttp://www.fieldofdreamsmoviesite.com/distance.htmlhttp://www.moviefanfare.com/field-of-dreams-ten-things-to-know-about-the-movie/#yamteam 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction ProhibitedEnterprise social is at a tipping point#yamteam 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction ProhibitedSuccess requires value and viability#yamteam 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction ProhibitedValue/ viability mapping in a fictitious composite company#yamteam 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction ProhibitedOne very strong alignment point is in sales#yamteam 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction ProhibitedSales process map#yamteam 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction ProhibitedFind One Great OpportunitySuccess comes from successMap numerous opportunities across the organizationFind high value, high viabilityAlign with strong business supportYour map is YOUR MAP, ours is just for referenceStart with a limited, high value opportunityProve value and grow from thereOnce you move to enterprise roll-out, focus on adoption and depth of engagementAnd More Success Will Follow#yamteam 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction ProhibitedRob Koplowitz+1 650.581.3854rkoplowitz@forrester.com@rkoplowitzThank youDriving Team Productivity at #yamteam22#yamteamDrivers @ Work26,000+ employees5,000 new hires in 201171%+ staff on client sites,many on first dayGeographically dispersed officesNeed easy access to relevant information Outlook is defacto collaboration tool#yamteam* Data snapshot from 24 October 2012Yammer success from the start#yamteamEngagement also quickly growingEngaged Users (2012-Present)Total Messages200,000 MessagesYamJam#yamteam26Since 2008:230,209 messages posted by 10,632 members 83,399 following relationships18,191 Group memberships591 Groups created#yamteamUsers are forming relationshipsYammer + SharePoint#yamteamTeam alignment during disastersIts helped us discuss storms, how they affect our work & what #techissue was caused by them.#yamteam29Proof #yammerworks Wow, thank you! This is seriously helpful. I was starting to wonder if nobody knew.#yamteamThenA few thousand Booz Allen employees at several principal officesEmployees co-located with colleagues and supervisors Traditional communications channelsCompetitors followed a similar communications model#yamteamNowDispersed workforce where employees are not co-located with their colleagues or teamsUsing Yammer to stay connected and form relationships with teammates virtuallyRecreated in-person interactions in an online environment where knowledge is shared and searchableCreated an environment to locate experts and answers quickly, from any location at any timeEmployees are building new networks outside of their immediate teams and geographies#yamteamYammer EnterpriseEnterprise social networking from anywhere, anytimeCross-Platform capabilities including innovation managementEnabled capability to meet firm-wide data retention policies and secure content monitoring and data exports for discoveryStrengthen cross-organizational engagement across all staffing levelsGroup membership administration across enterprise tools (Hello, PME, Yammer, People, etc)#yamteamThank youWalton SmithSmith_walton@bah.com@walton3#yamteamQuestions?#yamteamSign up today! www.yammer.comRequest a free consultation:1-888-926-7377https://www.yammer.com/about/contact-sales/#yamteam36Thank you#yamteam


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