Digital photography tips for beginners

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Digital photography tips for beginners</p> <p>Anyone can click photographs like a pro</p> <p>One doesnt need to be a pro to click photographs like a pro. Anyone who has an artistic bent of mind can do click amazingly beautiful photographs</p> <p>Experiment with different angle/point of view</p> <p>The best way to get good photographs is to experiment with different camera angles. The same subject may look completely different when clicked with an unusual camera angle. As a photographer one should have an eye for details and angles that is not likely to catch the attention of a common person</p> <p>Understand exposure better</p> <p>Able photographers know all about their exposure as the back of their hands. To getting the exposure right one needs to consider three factors- aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Smaller aperture, high shutter speed and low ISO are used for bright light condition. Setting is opposite for low light condition. All these three components should be balanced to get the desired effect.</p> <p>Experiment with camera settings</p> <p>Another useful way to learn the tricks of the trade is to experiment with different camera setting. Not only the camera; if you are also using photography lighting and other devices you also experiment with their settings. </p>