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One of the key tenets of the DevOps philosophy is 'systems thinking' (the 'First Way of DevOps' as championed by Gene Kim) but what does that really mean for Operations staff on the front-line? In this presentation with the DevOpsGuys we explore this concept and challenge ourselves to be 'application-centric' and think beyond individual components like servers, databases and the like.


  • 1. DevOpsGuys Stop Thinking about Servers DevOps, Systems Thinking and becoming Application-Centric@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com1

2. Agenda Forces acting on Operations DevOps as a Response DevOps 3-ways and Systems Thinking Being Application-Centric Q&A@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com2 3. Companies are Changing@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com3 4. Who needs IT Depts? Gartner predicts that in less than three years, 35% of enterprise IT expenditures will happen outside of the corporate IT budget. results of PricewaterhouseCoopers' Digital IQ Survey indicate that at 100 of the companies PwC ranks as "top performers," IT controls less than 50% of corporate technology expenditures. 5. Development HAS changed@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com5 6. How the Ops world is changing SaaS Infrastructure as CodeCloudSoftwareDefined NetworkingContinuous DeliveryAgileTime-tomarketAPMOperationsBYODAnd many, many more @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com6 7. Technology keeps evolving@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com7 8. Servers today are like razors High Capex Longer lifetime Maintenance Cost @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuysHigh Opex Ephemeral Easier to replace than fixwww.devopsguys.com8 9. And why should you care?WHAT IS DEVOPS? @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com9 10. Defining Devops I The term DevOps typically refers to the emerging professional movement that advocates a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow of planned work (i.e., high deploy rates) Gene Kim @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com10 11. He goes on to say while simultaneously increasing thereliability, stability, resilience and security of the production environment. Gene Kim@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com11 12. DevOps influences Deming Toyota (TPS) LeanAgile@DevOpsGuysDevOps DevOpsGuysMuri Mura Muda KaizenGoldratt ToCwww.devopsguys.com12 13. CALMS Model Culture Automation Lean Hearts & Minds Embrace Change CI/CD/ Infrastructure as Code Focus on producing value for the end-user Small batch sizesMetrics Measure everything Show the improvementSharing Open information sharing Collaboration@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com13 14. Looking at the Big PictureTHE 3 WAYS OF DEVOPS & SYSTEMS THINKING @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com14 15. The First WayThink about the System, focus on the end Value Operations Represents the Customer @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com15 16. The Second WayFeedback Loops = Continuous Service Improvement CSI is a key enabler of DevOps @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com16 17. The Third WayEmbrace Change Be willing to Experiment Learn from your mistakes @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com17 18. Systems Thinking 101 Systems thinking is a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things, for seeing patterns rather than static snapshots. It is a set of general principles spanning fields as diverse as physical and social sciences, engineering and management. Peter Senge@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com18 19. Systems Thinking 101 Systems thinking enables you to grasp and manage situations of complexity and uncertainty in which there are no simple answers. It's a way of 'learning your way towards effective action' by looking at connected wholes rather than separate parts. It's sometimes called practical holism. - Open University @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com19 20. C&C versus Systems Thinking@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuys 21. Practical Systems thinking in a DevOps WorldBECOMING APPLICATIONCENTRIC @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com21 22. Lifecycle view@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com22 23. Products not Projects "Delivery teams run software products - not projects that run from inception to retirement Jez Humble, (Thoughtworks) 24. Organisational Change@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com24 25. Understand Dependencies@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com25 26. Find your constraints "Any improvement not made at the point of constraint is an illusion. The Phoenix Project @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com26 27. Metrics, Learning & Change Arbitrary Measures Focus on Outputs (Inside-out view) Used for Command & ControlVS Capability Measures Focus on Purpose (Outside-In view) Used for Learning and Improvement @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com27 28. Incentivise Learning not Faking Will a numerical goal be achieved? Anybody can achieve almost any goal by: Redefinition of terms Distortion and faking Running up costs Deming 1994 The New Economics p 43@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com28 29. More transactions = better, right?CASE STUDY #1 TRANSACTIONS PER SECOND @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com29 30. 4,000 calls/min! 2ms!Arbitrary Measure = Focus is on the metric (higher transactions rates)!@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com30 31. Zoom out (Systems Thinking!)@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com31 32. 262 calls = Inefficient SQL!Capability Measure = What does high transaction rate tell us about the System?@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com32 33. 6 key elements of being Application-Centric System thinking Outside-In View Understand the Customer Needs And your business goals Understand the Product Lifecycle Understand the Dependencies Know your Constraints Capability Metrics for Learning Embrace Change (Feedback Loops)@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com33 34. DevOpsGuys Thank You operations | availability | performance | scalability | migration | strategy@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com34 35. Focussing on servers leads to pointless optimisationCASE STUDY #2 FINDING THE CONSTRAINT @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com35 36. The Situation E-commerce customer New website High data-start times on page load Poor load testing results Initial conversation with client 2 week delay while hosting provider scaled out the hardware Problem still not fixed @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com36 37. The big picture@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com37 38. What We Do DevOpsGuys provide development & operations support (DevOps) services for your online applications. You run your business. We run your website. Its as simple as that.@DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com38 39. Our service portfolio 24 x 7 Application-Centric web operations DevOps Transformation & Training Continuous Delivery implementation Infrastructure Automation & Infrastructure as Code Application Performance Management AppDynamics Implementation & Consultancy@DevOpsGuys Web Performance consulting Web monitoring Load Testing Test Automation and scripting JetBrains Product Implementation & Consultancy Octopus Deploy implementationDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com39 40. The Leadership Team James Smith (@TheDevMgr)Steve Thair (@TheOpsMgr) 16 years of software delivery experience. Proven track record 25 years of IT Operations experience. Proven track record Pizza Hut KFC Dell RAC Aviva Fujitsu Siemens Whitbread@DevOpsGuys DevOpsGuysVodafone Credit Suisse Group IBM BNP Paribas Zurich Financial Services Totaljobs Group TSL Education www.devopsguys.com40 41. Contact UsVisit us at www.devopsguys.comCall our team on +44 (0)20 8798 3079 Email our engineers at @DevOpsGuysDevOpsGuyswww.devopsguys.com41


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