Development Of Staff Technology Skills

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  • 1. Development of Staff Technology Skills
    Arkansas Library Association Conference
    October 26, 2009
    Carol Coffey

2. Learning vs. Training
1.Active vs. Passive
2.Learner-Centered vs. Trainer-Centered
3.Self-Directed vs. Trainer-Led
4.Anywhere vs. Be There!
5.Just-in-time vs. Someday youll need this.
3. Develop a Culture of Learning
Let staff see you learning new things.
Give them time to experiment.
Talk to them about what theyre learning.
Let them try new things, even if the new things dont always work.
Creating a Culture of Learning at Your Library. ALA Annual Conference, July 2009.
4. Components of Successful Technology Training Programs
Just-in-time :new technology, new software, new services
Competencies: library-specific skills expected of all staff members
5. Just-in-Time
Right before you release the new service
Staff will be familiar with it as patrons are learning
A great way to find the problems that you missed
6. Competencies
Specific skills and knowledge
the core tasks necessary for a particular job.
See Houghton-Jan, Sarah.Technology Competencies and Training for Libraries.Library Technology Reports 43, no 2 (March/April 2007).
8. Tech Support IS Reference
Its not the patrons responsibility to know what kinds of questions they can ask.
We have the computers, therefore we must know how to use them
Patrons have always asked us for help now the kind of help they need is different.
Thingamabobs and Doodads: Why Tech Support IS Reference.ALA Annual Conference, July 2009.
9. Free Stuff
Training Sessions offered by Database Vendors
Free webinars ( does some but most of their courses are NOT free) does provide documents such as tutorials, lesson plans, etc.
Learning 2.0/23 Things Programs Google it!
10. A Petting Zoo?At the Library?!?
Technology Petting Zoo: a place to touch the cool gadgets without pressure from sales people
Also a place to get advice from the owners of the gadgets
Does not require the library to buy all the gadgets
Borrow them from your staff!
Ask the owners of the toys to help with advice and instruction.
11. CALS Staff Technology Petting Zoo, 2008
12. CALS Staff Petting Zoo, continued.
13. CALS Patron Technology Petting Zoo
14. Got some money to spend on staff training?Buy your own toys!
See David Lee Kings post Topekas Techie Toybox at
Also see Princeton Public Librarys Gadget Garage at
And Santa Cruz Public Librarys Technology PettingZoo at
15. Whats Next for CALS?
CALS Application Petting Zoo (for staff AND patrons)
1. Facebook
2. CALS Downloadable Library (OverDrive)
3. Twitter
4. Google Docs
Presentation Slides
Resources List (PDF)
ALA Presentations (in my Favorites list)