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From the Mike & Mike show / "Developers Lounge" session at IWMW 2009.

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  • 1.Developers Developers Developers Michael Nolan Edge Hill University

2. I have more hair than Steve Ballmer 3. DevCSI Developer Community Supporting Innovation 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. We aim to help developers to raise their profiles, byshowcasingtheircreativityandinnovation 9. This house believes... 10. This house believes...

  • Split the room in two
  • 30 second arguments for and against
  • Open to the floor for comments
  • Free vote

11. Project Managers get in the way and should be sacked Brian Kelly (for) Marieke Guy (against) 12. IT should be moved into the Cloud David Harrison (for) Joe Nicholls (against) 13. Web 2.0 is where its at Lisa Price (for) Mike McConnell (against) 14. External design agencies are a waste of time and money Paul Boag (for) Marcus (against) 15. Content Management Systems are crap James Currall (for) ? (against) 16. Creative Commons


17. Developers Developers Developers Michael Nolan Edge Hill University