Demonstrating the Difference a Fluid Data Architecture Can Make

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Organisations deploy Compellent Fluid Data Storage for its flexibility, integrated features such as automated tiered storage and unified management as the foundation for dynamic, scalable and cost-effective administration of cloud services and virtualised data centers. Attend this session to see what Fluid Data can do for you.


<ul><li> 1. DEMONSTRATING THE DIFFERENCE OF A FLUID DATA ARCHITECTURE </li></ul> <p> 2. NEIL STOBART INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL DIRECTOR 2 2 3. FASTEST GROWING SAN VENDOR 3 4. 4 5. 5 6. FLUID DATA CORE TECHNOLOGIES 6 7. STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION Dynamically virtualize ashared pool of storage DID YOU KNOW? Compellent has a patent pending on RAID 6 technique. 7 8. THIN PROVISIONING Efficiently provision and reclaim capacity without wasteDID YOU KNOW?100% of Compellentcustomers useThin Provisioning. 8 9. AUTOMATED TIERED STORAGE Automatically migrate databased on usageDID YOU KNOW?81% of our upgradeorders are foraffordable,high-capacity drives.9 10. INSTANT REPLAY Instantly recover fromdowntime or disasterDID YOU KNOW?68% of Compellentcustomers replicatetheir data to anothersite.10 11. LIVE VOLUME Fluid Data Movement Between SystemsDID YOU KNOW? Dynamically moves workloads between systems Live Volume can deliver Delivers continuous operations without disruption 24x7 availability during Supports planned migrations, load balancing,any planned upgradeand maintenance or outage. 11 12. 12 13. 13 14. Find out at stand 634 14 </p>


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