Debunking common laptop myths

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Forget everything you've heard about laptops. Here's the skinny on which myths are true, and which aren't.

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2. Laptops are a polarizing product. Onone hand, people hail laptopsbecause of their portability, and onthe other, people lambast them forlimited performance.Which way do you lean? Well, it alldepends on you, but there are plentyof laptop myths that need to bedebunked so everyone can just getalong. 3. Here are some of these myths if youre interested 4. Laptops Arent Upgradeable Many people choose to forego laptops because they think that they are not upgradeable. Thats because manufacturers have specific ways to install parts and theyre all calculated to maximize space. Wires and other parts are already planned out, as opposed to a desktop where you can keep an old PSU but have a powerful motherboard. 5. Laptops Arent UpgradeableContrary to popularbelief, you can upgradelaptops.Well, thatdepends on the laptopof course. Laptop partscan be bought verycheaply, and you canmake some changes. 6. Laptops Perform PoorlyIts no surprise that an $8,000gaming desktop will performbetter than $3,000 laptop. Youcan cram in 12 core CPUs, twovideo cards and an extravagantcooling system! For laptops, youhave limited space to work with,but that doesnt mean laptopsperform poorly. 7. Laptops Perform Poorly Again, contrary to popular belief, laptops can be very powerful. The top gaming laptops made right now feature the latest parts, such as third generation Intel Core processors, nicknamed Ivy Bridge processors. These laptops perform really well, especially when paired with high end graphics cards. They can play games at high settings. 8. Laptops Are ExpensiveThats true. Youll find laptops that cost atleast a thousand dollars or more, but in theworld of technology, you get what you payfor.One common complaint about laptops is thatthey cost more than a desktop. Theyre notusing their brians! Laptops have thecomplete package - screen, cooling system,parts and warranty. Desktops can becomecostly too if you purchase entirely newsystems, instead of upgrading parts one byone. 9. Laptops Die EasilyOne problem that laptop ownershave is the short battery life oflaptops.Well, theyre notresponsible users. They like tocrank everything to the max,expecting that a laptop will last thewhole day without any charging.Of course its not going to last thatway. 10. Laptops Die EasilyTechnology right nowis amazing, and thanksto its advancements,laptops canlastthroughout the wholeday withoutanyproblem. LookatApples laptops theycan last for longperiods of time. Thesame goes forWindows laptops. 11. THANK YOURelated Links: