Dave Whelan, Founder, Immersive Virtual Reality Education

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For students of all ages and abilities who wish to learn through experience rather than memory testing, the Immersive VR Education software suite is a new unique way of learning, unlike all other existing media and teaching tools. We place students in Virtual environments so they can relive history or view events as if they were there.

Virtual Reality what is it ?

Why VR is useful for Education?Professor. Edgar Dale

Has VR been used for Education before?

MilitaryMedicalTraining Why NOW ???Why Now?

What we provide ?How we provide it ?

The Apollo 11 Experience

Reddit User Hamition252Just played the demo and it was amazing! So amazing that this is the first Kickstarter that I have backed.

Reddit Userg0dmaphiaOMG I shed tears at the end, no joke...as an aerospace engineer, this is the dream come true... Back it right now!

Eoin Colfer 14 said:It was quite weird I could hear people in the background but it still felt like I was out in space.

Sophie Doyle 13 said:Its such a visual experience you feel like you are there