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  • 1. Decision Support ToolsInforming Decision-Making in Marine SpatialPlanning ProcessesNovember 9, 2011

2. Parametrix ParametrixAquatera Oregon State University Robust Decisions Aquatera 3. Point Absorber Offshore Wave Energy Device SuitabilityWave Energy PotentialGrid ConnectionEnergy Model Distances to: Utility networkWave energy dataSite Quality Substation Site ModelDepth Distance to shore Services port distance Deep water port distance Substrate 4. BASSOWETBayesianAccordCumulative Networks toBasedEffects Function + Track +ValueModels Uncertainty ModelingData &Model 5. Distance to Shore Substrate Type1NM11.1 1NM_3NM11.1 Sand_or_Mud 25.03NM_4NM11.1Energy Potential Gravel25.04NM_5NM11.1Port Size Bedrock 25.0 High33.3Medium 33.35NM_10NM 11.1Deep Draft33.3 All other 25.010NM_15NM 11.1Low 33.3Medium Draft 33.3 15NM_20NM 11.1 Shallow Draft 33.3 20NM_25NM 11.1 25NM 11.1Distance to Port Water Depth 5NM12.5 0m_30m14.35NM_10NM 12.5 Substrate Depth 30m_40m 14.310NM_15NM 12.5None 25.040m_50m 14.315NM_20NM 12.51m 25.050m_75m 14.320NM_25NM 12.51m_5m 25.0 75m_100m14.325NM_30NM 12.55m 25.0100m_200m 14.330NM_50NM 12.5 200m14.350NM 12.5Port Access Anchoring SuitabilityExcellent 16.7 Excellent5.36Acceptable37.5 Acceptable 11.6 Possible 8.93Possible29.2 Not Acceptable 74.1Not Acceptable 16.7Anchoring UncertaintyDevice SuitabilityHi33.3Composite AnchoringMed 33.3 Excellent0.53Low 33.3 Excellent 8.02Acceptable 7.35 Acceptable13.2Possible 10.9 Possible18.2Not Acceptable 81.2 Not Acceptable 60.6 6. Alternative BASS StructuresitesScientistsDevelopersAgenciesOther StakeholdersDevelop measuring criteriaBayesianAnalyze device suitability: Accord Collect Stakeholder Experiential info related to Scio-NetworksScience based including economic, environmental and otheruncertainty qualitative measures including uncertaintyAccordFuse results Collect StakeholdervaluesAccord +Display resultsGIS Viewers for reviewIdentify need for moreinformation, refinements andBASSchange Decision is MadeOne Preferredsite option 7. No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood