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A talk for the planners and creatives of Miami Ad School Simon Law - August 2014

Creativity in the time of big data - updated for 2014

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Talk given to Miami Ad School, Europe students on 11th August, 2014. By Simon Law, CSO at Fabric. Admittedly, this is just an updated version of last year, but some bits were better. The embedded notes in the ppt aren't exactly what I said, but gives you some idea of content and meaning… What I actually said was obviously smarter, wittier and generally more compellingly informative and entertaining!

Text of Creativity in the time of big data - updated for 2014

  • 1. A talk for the planners and creatives of Miami Ad School Simon Law - August 2014

2. Page 2 Simon Law Chief Strategy Officer, Fabric 3. Page 3 Fabric Creative shop and data platform 4. Page 4 This talk is about four things 1. Big Data & Insights 2. Addressable Media & Targeting 3. Creativity & Real-Time 4. You & Fame 5. Page 5 And its about how we make something better someecards.com 6. 1. Big Data & Insights 7. Page 7 Big Data is the new big thing Google search trends 8. Page 8 But it isnt really a thing at all 9. Page 9 Its more of a capability, based on growing volumes 10. Page 10 Yet it might change the world Big Data will open the door to making smarter decisions in every field of human activity The New York Times, March 23, 2013 11. Page 11 BBC Horizon: The Age of Big Data 12. Page 12 Big Divorce Data American Express CMO @ Stream 2011 13. Page 13 Big Flu Data Google Flu Trends 14. Page 14 Big Police Data LAPD 15. Page 15 Big Climate Change Data Climate Central 16. Page 16 In other words, Behavioural Data What people really do Rather than what they claim in research groups The trails of their interests, their interactions and their affinity And gives planners the ability to start from facts and reality Not just googling to find out whos published an opinion 17. Page 17 Which changes the brief 18. Page 18 What Apple owners would buy from Samsung Fabricww.com 19. Page 19 The power of 5 checkouts Fabricww.com 20. Page 20 What Mums really want from recipes Fabricww.com 21. Page 21 The influence of people, not experts Fabricww.com 22. Page 22 The knowledge gap facing the NHS Fabricww.com 23. Page 23 This will give planners new truths, new insights leading to new creative briefs 24. Page 24 A quick game 25. Page 25 26. Page 26 27. Page 27 28. Page 28 29. Page 29 30. Page 30 31. 2. Addressable Media & Targeting 32. Page 32 What Addressable Media is Targeted Media = Addressable Media Addressable media is where you can pick the audience specifically In other words, the media can show a DIFFERENT ad to each person That may be based on their demographics, or some kind of behaviour BUT its always based on KNOWING something about the audience It tends to be digital, but that doesnt mean its banners any more 33. Page 33 It exists in the obvious place 34. Page 34 But thats less about banners these days Wired Magazine, 2010 35. Page 35 Google VOD 36. Page 36 Channel 4 Its the new buy for TV 37. Page 37 DirecTV 38. Page 38 dishTV 39. Page 39 YouView 40. Page 40 Sky TV 41. Page 41 Its the heart of Facebook 42. Page 42 43. Page 43 44. Page 44 45. Page 45 So, addressable media is coming But, what are you addressing? 46. Page 46 Have we seen you before? What were you interested in? Do we have any demog data? Does that fit one of our target groups? Where did you come from? Can we guess what you want? What time is it? Whats most relevant now? What ads have you seen before? Example targeting questions (i.e., Machine options) Whats your location? Does that change anything? Using the Groups we have and the Content weve got available, what do we show? 47. Page 47 Flora: Achieving 4x the recipe views, 2x engagement Fabricww.com 48. Page 48 KFC: Dynamic Page Content driving a 12% uplift Morning Young Males Teens Dinner Fabricww.com 49. Page 49 KFC: Weather-dependent optimised for profit Fabricww.com 50. Page 50 Heineken: Recognising real fans Fabricww.com 51. Page 51 Addressable makes new things possible Mainly, its about Targeting both Ads + Content But it also means: Flighting (i.e., choosing what order people see ads/content in) Capping frequency Personalising ads/content (to a degree!) Recognising who saw your ads/content later Learning what effect those ads/content had Seeing how people respond to ads/content (in reality, not in research) 52. Page 52 66% of consumers are comfortable with Amazon recommending relevant products based on past purchases and site usage vs. 33% of consumers are comfortable with Facebook using profile information to target them with ads Source: Harris Interactive/Placecast surveyin US - 2012 53. 3. Creativity & Real-Time 54. Page 54 Agile Adaptive Real-time Dynamic Native Creativity 55. Page 55 360i 360i went real-time to find the insights for Oreos 56. Page 56 We managed a KFC campaign in real-time Fabricww.com 57. Page 57 Were helping Grey to learn & optimise Fabricww.com 58. Page 58 Crispin Ported & Bogusky CP&B vetted Fans 59. Page 59 Nike+ But Nike+ remains the most famous data case 60. Page 60 Nike 61. Page 61 Big Data means Bolder Work 62. Page 62 Big Data means Bolder Work Simpler Messages 63. Page 63 Big Data means Bolder Work Simpler Messages More Creative (more of it) 64. Page 64 Big Data means Bolder Work Simpler Messages More Creative More Control 65. Page 65 Big Data means Bolder Work Simpler Messages More Creative More Control New Ideas 66. Page 66 Agile Adaptive Real-time Dynamic Native 67. Page 67 But its early days Nobody has nailed it yet But someone will 68. Page 68 This is the next Big Opportunity for both planners & creatives 69. 4. You & Fame 70. Page 70 As all these things become possible, future planners and creatives will conceive of something amazing They will create a new campaign that goes into the hall of awesome. Will it be you? 71. Page 71 Three Thought Starters Targeted Ads within Campaigns 72. Page 72 Campaign Idea Edit for Young Males Edit for Young Females Edit for Brand Loyalists Video Execution 73. Page 73 Targeted Ads within Campaigns Campaigns that Evolve Three Thought Starters 74. Page 74 Campaign Launch See early activity and responses Create specific ads to address response Monitor reactions and sales impact Re-edit TV campaign to increase interest 75. Page 75 Targeted Ads within Campaigns Campaigns that Evolve Pre-testing in the real world Three Thought Starters 76. Page 76 Clients favourite cut/edit/ending Compromise version Creative teams favourite cut/edit/ending All posted on YouTube and promoted for 3 days results/data tracked Best- performing version gets aired on TV, plus VOD 77. Page 77 The thought starters Ive given you are dull. Theyre rational approaches. This needs genius the moment where it turns into something awesome. And thats your challenge It will make whoever does it famous