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<ul><li> 1. Briefing: turning visitors into customers</li></ul> <p> 2. Search Director at Crafted MediaTeam of 15 across disciplinesResponsible for increasing visitors, &amp; converting them 3. 1) Increase the number of visitors to your site2) Improve the likelihood of them becoming a customer 4. Visitors are already on your siteOften cheaper to convert more of them than to findnew onesVirtuous circle, happy customers tell their friends 5. CRO Conversion rate optimisation Abandonment Rate A/B testing Analytics Bounce rate Call to action Funnel Landing page UX, UI 6. 1) Increase the number of visitors to your site2) Improve the likelihood of them becoming a customer 7. Visitors turn into customers for a reason: They like your proposition You give them information they like and are looking for Price They know what to do from here You are awesomeGiving visitors what they came for increases thechance of conversion 8. Design isnt a nicety, its a requirementStandards matter Placement of basket Delivery information Address &amp; contact detailsDont make me think by Steve Krug 9. Clear signposts give the user a journey to follow. Consider placement of contact us information What action do you want them to perform?Obvious is underrated Get them through the funnelDesign should be for a user, not a portfolio 10. Fully describe your product or service Communicate your knowledge Imagine if you were face to faceContent is not just words Are you able to produce videos? Audio? 11. You are your greatest asset Write for users, not search engines Factual information is not boring if its relevantDont give people a reason to look elsewhere tocomplete the information 12. Would you give your details to this website?Trust indicators Testimonials 3rd party secure logosHousekeeping shouldnt always wait until another day News updates 13. What are you visitors searching for? Consider if youre using industry terminologyAre all your visitors the same, does your website caterfor their needs?Learning Google Analytics is possible! 14. Change can be incrementalDoing good things is always worthwhileLeverage what you have availableBe critical, be honestLook at underlying data 15. 16. Books Google Analytics;contact_type=indexSplash&amp;rd=1Tools http://www.crazyegg.comLinks 17. </p>