Covert Persuasion Techniques - The Art Of Subliminal Persuasion

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Learn some of the most powerful yet usable covert persuasion techniques. These persuasive language techniques will help you to convince and persuade others without them even realizing.

Text of Covert Persuasion Techniques - The Art Of Subliminal Persuasion

  • 1. Covert Persuasion Techniques
    • By Adrian Saunders

2. Introduction

  • The art of being persuasive requires being able to convince someone to do or believe what you say, and this needs to be done without them noticing. As soon as whoever you are trying to persuade realizes that they are effectively being controlled, it becomes next to impossible to successfully persuade them.
  • Therefore, you need to learn about subliminal persuasion, which will enable you prevent this from happening.
  • Today you are going to learn a couple of basic covert persuasion techniques that you can use to have anybody believe anything you say.


  • One key aspect of subliminal persuasion is learning how to correctly use the name of the person you are trying to persuade. People tend to like hearing their own names, and by correctly using someones name you can bring them closer to trusting you, and therefore have a much greater success rate when it comes to trying to convince them of what you are saying.
  • It is important to find out what the person prefers to be called when using this covert persuasion technique. Dont accidentally call them by their full name if they have a shortened name that they prefer; it is better to ask than guess and get it wrong. Also, gradually work using their name into the conversation, as this builds a more natural rapport.


  • Another important covert persuasion technique is mirroring the language of the other person. If they use particular words relatively often, then try and use these words in your own language to make them feel more comfortable around you.
  • By emulating somebody elses vocabulary a rapport can be more easily and quickly established, much to your benefit. Also try speaking at their pace, and mirroring the positions they sit/stand in, and any facial expressions and hand gestures they use.


  • Subliminal persuasion is not as difficult as it may sound, it is merely a skill that takes practice to perfect, like anything else. By using the covert persuasion techniques mentioned above you will move much closer to being able to successfully persuade people, and all without them realizing what is going on.
  • Visit more advice on subliminal and covert persuasion through spoken language. By mastering the art of persuasion your life will change for the better, because you will have the amazing ability to influence others without them even having the vaguest idea.