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  • Google in statistics

    #1 Search engine in the world - 65% of shares (global) Search sta*s*cs: Google: 35 000 searches per second Yahoo: 3,200 searches per second Bing: 927 searches per second Social Media sta*s*cs: Facebook status updates: 700 per second Twi=er tweets: 600 per second Buzz posts: 55 per second Search engines use spiders to crawl the web. A single page can be crawled, cached & updated few Fmes per day Total index: Trillions of pages

    Revenue comes from PPC: $42.5 billion in 2012

  • What is Search Engine Optimization?

    Ads represents more than 90% of Googles total revenue.

    Goals: - match search queries with the best possible results - Keep users happy - Trac - Clicks

  • Eye tracking studies

  • We can improve our ranking on Google. First we should ask ourselves the following quesFons: Is the content relevant for the user?

    - Content quality - Unique content - Authorship

    Is the website popular & inuen*al? - Who is talking about your website? - Engagement on social media? - Are the people talking about you inuenFal? - Author rank

    Is your website clear enough? - Website structure - NavigaFon - Loading Fme

    What organic results depends on?

  • Tips for SEO friendly content Write for humans rst! Never copy content. Always use unique and fresh content (expt. quotes)

    Repeat main key words few Fmes. Use variaFons, synonyms. Dont focus on KW density Title: Use short catchy *tles with main key words at the beginning impact on CTR

    Meta descripFon: around 24 KW (163 characters) impact on CTR ArFcles should content more than 300 words (recommendaFons: +500 words)

    Use internal linking (0-2 links max per arFcle) and bald important ideas Social Medias engagement will impact SEO. Comment on blogs, social media with a link to

    your arFcle. Search engines will prioriFze popular content

    Use Google KW generator for Search volumes, AnalyFcs for top content/categories

  • Authorship & author rank

    Authorship: 2011: Google begins ahribuFng content to original authors. By connecFng your content to Google+, Your name and picture will show in Google. Impact on CTR. Author Rank Many SEO suspect that Google will start using author rank to idenFfy quality content and inuenFal writers.

  • Share your content, engage the community

    Blog Comments: - Industry oriented - Generalist blogs - VariaFon in names/links - Direct trac / SEO

    Use Social Media: - Force engagement - Ask quesFon - Interact with inuenFal people (authority rank) - Trac / SEO

  • Tools & moreTOOLS: For search volumes: Google kw generator For trends: hhp:// For duplicate content: hhp:// For analysis on popular content: Google AnalyFcs or check the monthly reports

    - Top pages: Content > Overview - Top queries: Trac Sources > SEO > Queries

    FOR MORE INFOS: MarkeFng news: hhp:// and hhp:// More details about Titles and descripFons from Google Webmaster Tool Graphic overview of how SEO works

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