Content Marketing for Start Ups

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Check out the slides that Distilled's very own, Tom Critchlow presented at the recent New York Meet Up on Content Marketing for Start Ups.


  • 1. Content MarketingFor Startups@tomcritchlow

2. Good Content =How To Deliver Marketing > SEODocuments 3. If You Only Read One Thing.. 4. How Do YouHow To Deliver Do Content?Documents 5. Youll Suck To Start With 6. Shit Takes Time & Is Hard 7. Shit Takes Time & Is Hard: The DataSource: 8. Build Content People Want 9. Build Content People Like 10. Build Content With Voice 11. Video Content(Pro-tip: self host) 12. So how are you going to create largeamounts of content that satisfiesneeds for your users while stilladvancing your business needs andnot being garbage? You leverage theunfair advantages that you havebecause youre the smallest guy in theroom Patrick Kalzumeus 13. Outreach IsHowThe SecretTo Deliver SauceDocuments 14. Social followings and email lists accelerate your flywheel 15. Outreach is easy for startups.Find the linkerati, createcontent theyll like and then tellthem about it.. Rinse repeat. Tom Critchlow 16. Link Building Sucks 17. Tom CritchlowVP Operations curious. Passionateabout learning. Email me!