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  • 1. CONSOLIDATING SEOTHROUGH BRANDING Showing the importance of branding for search engines Cosmin Negrescu - CEO SEO monitor

2. THE SEO WAR CYCLE! We should spend money to earn rankings instead of buying them off New SEOtechniques GoogleActions that counteracts withmanipulatealgorithmGoogle updates results Googles trustSearch resultsand utilityrelevance diminishdecreases 3. THE NEXT BIG THING:BRANDINGAs Google did it before with Google Adwords by adding a Quality Score to makeeverybody happy (users, clients, advertisers, Google) it does it again by addingthe brand factor in its algorithms.PEOPLE TRUST BRANDS GOOGLE TRUSTS PEOPLE GOOGLE TRUSTS BRANDS 4. HOW BRANDING HELPS SEOBrands are less vulnerable in front of major algorithm updates andnegative SEO.Brands, just like websites, are related to industries and keywords.Popular brands are most likely to be rewarded by search engines withhigher rankings on their search results. 5. HOW BRANDINGWORKS IN SEOKeyword #N SemanticalKeyword #1 Keyword #2 groupOther words 6. HOW BRAND AUTHORITY IS DISTRIBUTEDKeyword CTR Site Brandelefant elefant.roThe relation betweenbrand name and websiteis build by Brand 7. FACTORS THATDETERMINEBRAND POPULARITY 185 4,07 mil mil831,9mil mil9,14 235mil mil 46 513 8. PUTTING KEYWORDS ANDBRAND NAME TOGETHERAutocomplete farmacia Google recognizes this as a brandKeyword + brandResults for farmaciaWhere is Farmacia tei ? 9. LINK BUILDING VS. BRAND POWER Website Links Rank 5 298#1catena.ro39 919 #4 In terms of links, is much stronger than, ranks #1 and ranks #4 10. Same brand name search volumeKeyword + brand searches 11. WHAT TO DOBuild a strong and focused relationship between your brand name andtargeted keywordsMake people search for your brand name through marketing campaignsRadio & TV adsSocial media campaigns with the search on Google call-to-actionInclude the brand name in your link building strategy Building linkable assetsExternally distributed contentImage advertisements (ex: Google Display Network)Great customer service and social media interactions 12. INTRODUCING BAIOur research continues and we are going to launch a new SEO indicatorthat will be calculated in the new release of SEO monitor in this fall: Brand Awareness Indicator 13. THANK YOUwww.seomonitor.bunt.roCosmin Negrescu - CEO SEO monitor