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2. Video Email Marketing with Analytics Custom templates with your personal branding Web based lead captures Text message marketing lead captures Video email auto responders Powerful live webinars with video co-hosting An O.V.P. (online video platform) W/SocialMedia integration Customized smart phone apps for iPhone,android, and HTML5 3. What is comF5 Jump-Start?JumpStart is a system that provides zip-code targetedleads to comF5 clients to get their permission basedlists up and going quickly.comF5s eMarketEngine offers many great methodsfor collecting leads and building the list of yourcustomer base.And once youve built your list, the benefits of stayingin communication with YOUR customers areundeniable.But, what if youre just getting started and you donthave a list? 4. Or what if you already have a list and youre looking for away to make it even better?Or maybe you have already done or are thinking aboutdoing some "Daily Deal" program to drive new customersinto your business?JumpStart can help you with any of these situations.JumpStart is both an effective and affordable method todrive new customers to your location or website, withoutlong term commitments or large out-of-pocketexpenditures. We have access to a database of 125 Millionconsumers who have opted in to receiving offers, specialsand information from local businesses. 5. Start it Up!Once you have signed up as a comF5 customer you areeligible to participate in our JumpStart program. Theinitial JumpStart set up fee is $100. Then just get yourcampaign ready and call us to answer a few simplequestions. Well configure a local leads list that fits yourbudget and send your promotional campaign to that list.Thats it.Need help with building your promotion or setting upyour campaign? No worries. We have service providersavailable in our Marketplace that can assist you withthese steps and get you up and running in no time.Fees:Setup Fee - $100Leads - Our locally targeted leads are available for just 5cents per lead. There is a $50 minimum per campaignsent. No contracts or long term commitments. 6. Get with me or the person that invited you Get an account set up for $50-$150 Get yourself one template so that you can getresults Visit the support system to learn the system Show the product Invite people to this webinar Rinse & repeat 7. Show comF5 to a lot of peoplemake a lot of money Show comF5 to less peoplemake less money Show comF5 to no people &make no money