I’m Cloud Confused Demystifying Cloud Computing

Cloudconfused ankit

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Page 1: Cloudconfused ankit

I’m Cloud Confused

Demystifying Cloud Computing

Page 2: Cloudconfused ankit

What the say:

“Biggest Paradigm Shift in 20 years”

“Game Changers”

“Tremendous Cost Cutting”

“Just On” “Pay As You Go”

Page 3: Cloudconfused ankit

Describe The Cloud To Me

21 experts are defining cloud computing http://bit.ly/C6jIm

The Cloud

*Picture taken under Creative Common license

Page 4: Cloudconfused ankit

Who Cares?

What is it for me?

Page 5: Cloudconfused ankit

First, What the heck is Cloud Computing

First, what the heck is

Cloud Computing? …in simple, plain English please!

Page 6: Cloudconfused ankit

Let’s use a simple analogy

Say you just moved to

a city, and you’re

looking for

a place to live

Page 7: Cloudconfused ankit

You can either

Build a house or

Rent an apartment

Page 8: Cloudconfused ankit

If you build a house, there are a few

important decisions you have to


Page 9: Cloudconfused ankit

How big is the house?

are you planning to grow a large family?

Remodel, addition typically cost a lot

more once the house is built

Page 10: Cloudconfused ankit

But, you get a chance to customize it



Roof floor plan




Page 11: Cloudconfused ankit

Once the house is built,

you’re responsible for maintenance

Hire Landscaper Electrician Plumber

Pay property tax

Electricity Water

Gutter Cleaning Heating and Cooling House Keeping

Page 12: Cloudconfused ankit

How about renting?

Page 13: Cloudconfused ankit

Consider a builder in your city builds

a massive number of apartment units

Page 14: Cloudconfused ankit

A unit can easily be converted into a 2,3,4 or more units

Page 15: Cloudconfused ankit

You make a fewer,

simpler decisions

You can start with one

unit and grow later, or


Page 16: Cloudconfused ankit


You do not have

a lot of options to

customize your unit

Page 17: Cloudconfused ankit

However, builders provide you with

very high quality infrastructure

high speed Internet

high capacity electricity

triple pane windows

green materials

Page 18: Cloudconfused ankit

No need to worry about maintenance cost

No need to Hire landscapers,

electricians, plumbers

Page 19: Cloudconfused ankit

Just pay your rent and utilities

Pay as You Go

Page 20: Cloudconfused ankit

Let’s translate to

Cloud Computing?

Page 21: Cloudconfused ankit

As an end-consumer, believe it or not

you’ve been using Cloud for long times

Page 22: Cloudconfused ankit

Yes, most of them are


Page 23: Cloudconfused ankit

In return, you’re willing to give away

your information

for ads and other purposes

Page 24: Cloudconfused ankit

But you’ve been enjoying

High Reliability Service

Unlimited Storage

Connecting, Sharing

(ok, ok, most of them are)

Page 25: Cloudconfused ankit

OK, Now tell that to the business owner

Give up your data, then

you can use this infrastructure for free

Page 26: Cloudconfused ankit

This is how their CEO would feel

Page 27: Cloudconfused ankit

My Business Needs…




High Availability

Page 28: Cloudconfused ankit

Building Enterprise


Stone Wall Fire-proof Moat


Death Hole

is like….




Page 29: Cloudconfused ankit

Let’s Hire an Army of IT Engineers

Software Upgrade Support

Backup/Restore Service Pack

Development Network issues

Page 30: Cloudconfused ankit

Let’s Build

Huge Data Center

Capacity Planning

Disaster Plan

Cooling Management

Server Crashes

Page 31: Cloudconfused ankit

In the mean time,…

Many things have changed

Page 32: Cloudconfused ankit

The enterprise world we live in

2010 and beyond

Global Direct, Open Customers



Work Remotely

Digital Life Convergence

(e.g. Social Media)

(Work and Personal lines are blurring)

(Customers, Resources, IPs are acquired everywhere)

(Mobility Trend)

(Blogs, Social Computing) Brief Collaboration (Assemble the best, Disassemble upon completion)

Page 33: Cloudconfused ankit



Economy is upside down

Excess Capacity


Page 34: Cloudconfused ankit

Can we bridge the gap?

Page 35: Cloudconfused ankit


a New Way

of Thinking

Page 36: Cloudconfused ankit

Cloud Computing

is not

answer the

for all

Page 37: Cloudconfused ankit

But it could simplify our lives….

Page 38: Cloudconfused ankit

Leave it the experts who have a lot of money to spend to build

giant datacenters across the globe

Page 39: Cloudconfused ankit

Your data is replicated

3 or 4 times in their data center

High Availability

Page 40: Cloudconfused ankit

Adding “servers” is a click away.

Running in just minutes, not days


h T



Page 41: Cloudconfused ankit

It can even load balance your server traffic

Page 42: Cloudconfused ankit

Expect your Cloud


is always up

Page 43: Cloudconfused ankit

Yes, you can even pick

where your data

and “servers” reside

Page 44: Cloudconfused ankit

Business Contraction?

Just reduce your

computing power, storage

Page 45: Cloudconfused ankit


What is the catch?

Page 46: Cloudconfused ankit

Cloud Computing

is relatively new technology

Page 47: Cloudconfused ankit

Growing Pains

We all learn from it

Page 49: Cloudconfused ankit

Not many software written yet to take

advantage of cloud infrastructure

Page 50: Cloudconfused ankit

Sensitive Data in the Cloud?

are there yet?

Data at Rest

Data in Motion


Page 51: Cloudconfused ankit

Yes, you’re loosing some controls

physical security some configurations

only subset of APIs

Page 52: Cloudconfused ankit

Let’s clear common confusions about Cloud Computing

Page 53: Cloudconfused ankit

Who is paying whom?

Page 55: Cloudconfused ankit

Do I have to start over?

Page 56: Cloudconfused ankit

In some cases,

you could redirect your data to the cloud

Migrate Data to the Cloud


Page 57: Cloudconfused ankit

In some cases,

you could redirect your data to the cloud


Page 58: Cloudconfused ankit

However, to take advantage fully,

migrate all or create new apps on the cloud




Page 59: Cloudconfused ankit

Is this just Hosting 2.0?

Page 60: Cloudconfused ankit

No, they have different architectures

and business model

Cloud Players Hosting Players

Only few can afford billions dollar

investment on data centers

Hundreds of them around

the world

Page 61: Cloudconfused ankit

Hosting Players

Often yearly

Your contracts

Cloud Players

Pay As You Go

Pay only what you use

Page 62: Cloudconfused ankit

Hosting Players

Reliability, High Availability,

Capacity Elasticity

Cloud Players

Built-in Redundancy

Virtually unlimited

storage, computing power

You have to manage

reliability, fail over yourself

Bring your own or rent

servers to increase capacity

Page 63: Cloudconfused ankit

The end of PC ?

Page 64: Cloudconfused ankit

Most cloud applications that will be built are

accessible from PC. Applications can be a browser base, application

running on PC accessing data and services on the cloud


So will the mobile applications

Page 65: Cloudconfused ankit

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