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Cloud Computing

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  • 1. Cloud Computing CUMULUX

2. WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING Infrastructure as a ServicePlatform as a ServiceStorage as a ServiceERP BI CRM Applications ERP Custom Database Identity Synchronization Messaging FileOther 3. CLOUD COMPUTING: BEYOND SAAS 4. MARKET OPPORTUNITY When I think of Cloud Computing,I think of it as the ability to dream software solution dreams.I then think of rendering it in a language of my choice.And finally, being able to somehow magically "push" code into the "Internet Cloud", without fore-knowledge or regard for any of the layers underlying my code (DBMS, OS, connectivity or Computer) The leading vendors are Google, Facebook,, and Salesforce.CIO, Global Retailer Source: IDC Worldwide Software on Demand Forecast 2008-2012 Cloud Computing is emerging at the convergence of 3 major trends Service Orientation, Virtualization and On Demand Computing.Gartner June 08 Cloud computing is reshaping the IT marketplace, creating new opportunities for suppliers and catalyzing changes in traditional IT offerings. Over the next five years, IDC expects spending on IT cloud services to grow almost threefold, reaching $42 billion by 2012 and accounting for 9% of revenues in five key market segmentsIDC Oct 20th 08 5. CLOUD PROVIDERS 6. CLOUD COMPUTING OPPORTUNITIES 7. WHY CUMULUX? 8. CLOUD COMPUTING OFFERINGS 9. THANK YOU!

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