CLCs social media presentation, June 2012

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A presentation to Community Legal Centre workers in Melbourne, Australia on the uses of and theory underpinning social media.

Text of CLCs social media presentation, June 2012

  • 1. The Theory & Uses of Social Media Steve Womersley: Loddon Campaspe CLC

2. Social Medias premiseA connected world is a better world. 3. From the horses mouth... 4. Our mission isnt to become a public company,our mission is to make the world more openand connected.Mark Zuckerberg18 May 2012 5. If its true that a more open and connected world is a better world...then it must also hold true that an insular andunconnected world doesnt work. 6. What does this mean? We dont know who shares our values We dont know what others are doing They dont know what were doing We work in opposition (not in partnership)with those who share our values andaspirations 7. Uses of Social Media Promotion (news, events, stories, value) Sharing (aka content curation) Social action and campaigning Fundraising Website traffic CLE and Advice delivery Reaching new constituents Recruitment (volunteers) 8. Thinking about going social?Steves Top 4 Tips 9. 1. Take the plunge Image: santimolina 10. 1. Take the plunge Trust your staff to use social media responsibly Dont block Social Media channels Dont let internal opposition thwart curiosity,interest or enthusiasm A connected world and a risk averse worldcant coexist 11. 2. Social Media policy angst? Suck it up.Image: ohlittleheart 12. 2. Social Media policy angst? Suck it up. Templates abound for adaptation and use Social Media Policies should be a guide and aworking document not a hurdle Youll stuff up sooner or later and thats fine.Social media is a (by and large) forgivinguniverse 13. 3. Know where you want to go Image: iwinatcookie 14. 3. Know where you want to go Draft a communication plan (goals + targets) Employ a Communications Worker (2-4 hoursp/w per social media channel) Communications Worker = skills andinclination to drive, innovate, learn, play Dont rely on volunteers Assess progress and update plan as required 15. 4. Remember: Small is BeautifulImage: pj_vanf 16. 4. Remember: Small is Beautiful Free/low cost apps level the playing field Small non-profits arent hobbled by lengthychains of command Non-profits the earliest adopters and mostcreative users of social media Its all relative:LCCLC May 2012 (

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