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2. Classroom language 3. Magister (m) / magistra (f)Discipuli (m. pl) / discipulae (f. pl) Teacher/s - student/s 4. Potesne me adiuvare?Could you help me? 5. Quomodo Latine dicitur?How is said in Latin? 6. Quid Anglice significat?What does mean in English? 7. Potesne iditerare, quaeso?Could you repeat, please? 8. Non id intellegoI dont understand 9. Id nescio / id non meminiI dont know / I dont remember 10. In qua pagina id est?what page it is in? 11. Me paenitet, sero advenioSorry, Im lateNoli sollicitare, intra Dont worry, come in et claude ianuam, quaeso and close the door, please. 12. Conside (considite pl.), quaesosit down, please. 13. Tace / tacete (pl.) Be quiet / silentMarcus? Adsum(present!)Iulia? Abest(she isnt) 14. Librum aperi (aperite libros pl.)Open your book/s 15. Ignosce mihi, magister; nonhabeo librumExcuse me, teacher; I dont have a book 16. Ubi est librum tuum?Where is your book?Domi reliqui I left it at home 17. Lege magna voce read aloud pergego on 18. Accede ad tabulam atram / albam go to the black/whiteboardreverte ad sedem take your seat 19. Omitte (omittite pl.)garrulitatem, quaesocut out the chatter, please 20. omitte nugas, quaeso cut out the nonsense, please 21. attende / attendite (pl.)pay attention 22. Capite libellos vestros.Get out your notebookscorrigemus exercitiawere going to correct the exercises 23. Licetne mihi in latrinam ire?May I go to the toilet? Licet. Yes, ok 24. Nolite oblivisci perficere pensumvestrumDont forget to do your homework 25. Surge / surgite (pl.), quaeso stand up, please 26. Tolle manum / tollite manus (pl.) raise your hand/s 27. Cras erit probatio tomorrow well do an exam 28. Exspectate paulum, nondum finiimusWait a moment, we havent finished 29. Schola confecta est the lesson is finished 30. In crastinum see you tomorrow