[Citrix] Perforce Standardisation at Citrix

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Get an in-depth look at the tools Citrix uses to support multiple Perforce instances and a rapidly expanding user base 24/7—without the need for full-time administrators. See how to minimize investment, reduce management overhead, and maximize ROI.

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  • 1. 1 Perforce Standardisation at CitrixCoping with change in a growing global organisationLee LeggettSoftware EngineerJason LeonardStaff SoftwareEngineer

2. 2 Citrix Market leading cloud, collaboration &virtualisation technologies 3. 3 Where are we?30 Perforce Instances 5 Dierent Physical Servers 4. 4 User Problems 5. 5 Admin Problems 24/7 Support Disparate Systems Security No central control Minimise Bme investment Part Bme administrators Disaster Recovery High Availability 6. 6 AdministraBon Access Delivery 7. 7 AdministraBon Access Delivery AdministraBon Access Delivery 8. 8 Mesh NetworkHOSTNAME:PORT 9. 9 Mesh NetworkPerforceA: 1666 PerforceB: 2666 1666 PerforceA: 2666 PerforceB: 1666 10. 10 Mesh Network 11. 11 Mesh Network Benefits Easy to remember Hidden Complexity Increased Performance 12. 12 AdministraBon Access Delivery Access Delivery AdministraBon 13. 13 Syncing Code 14. 14 Syncing Tool>sync xendesktop_main 15. 15 Syncing Tool Benefits Hidden complexity Quick build environment Configurable by developers Increased build stability 16. 16 AdministraBon AdministraBon Delivery Access Delivery Access 17. 17 Perforce Standard Environment2011.2 2010.2 2012.2 18. 18 DemoPlease watch our recorded demoof the Perforce Standard Environment 19. 19 Admin Problems Disparate Systems No central control Part Bme administrators PSE Benefits 24/7 Support Increased Security Minimise Time Investment High Availability Disaster Recovery 20. 20 AdministraBon Delivery Access 21. 21 The Future for our users One place for everything Reduce one master instance 24x7 uptime Use of offline checkpoints Warm or Hot standby servers Faster Experience Ensuring hardware is current Use of Smart proxies 22. 22 The Future for our administrators Simplified user management Replicated Authorisation Better usage/error statistics Log parsing on instances 23. 23 Citrix Vision of Perforce 24. 24 Questions?Please read the whitepaperLee Leggett: lee.leggett@citrix.com @leeleggett86Jason Leonard: jason.leonard@citrix.com