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  1. 1. Destination Branding For any destination, central to tourism sector growth and development is the establishment of a creative, compelling, competitive identity which accurately reflects the experience promise, and delivery capability, of the destination.. What is Lake Baikalss brand? beautiful mountains, meadows, forest and air, full of the smell of the sea, cliffs and wild flowers, beneath you - in crystal clear water, and above - the fathomless blue of the sky, the blinding white of clouds and hot sun, making way at night for those madly scattered stars source: MagicBaikal webpage
  2. 2. What is Lake Baikals brand? the world's oldest and deepest lake at 30 million years old and with an average depth of 744.4 metres; it is the second most voluminous lake, after the Caspian Sea. Source: Wikipedia The seals in the lake display themselves as talented artists drawing pictures. You can even buy their masterpieces at improvised auctions. Source: http://intour-khabarovsk.com/ Lake Baikal is leading the list of Top 10 Most Famous Lakes in the world. Source: hubpages.com
  3. 3. Build a brand architecture that would support such natural beauty Define personality, emotional and rational benefits, point of difference, unique selling proposition Re-brand and unify all visual communication Offer exclusive packages for hosting seminars, workshops, international festivals related to the topic of creativity Organize Info Offices which will be responsible for implementing the concept of creativity tours for visitors Become the worlds sprout of creativity and ideas online as well as offline Lake Baikal as Sea of Creativity Strategic approach: target smart, position well
  4. 4. Lake Baikal - Sea of Creativity If you feel lack of inspiration, this is the place where nature celebrates life. Oregon sculptor Terry Woodall traveled to Lake Baikal, to observe and record the rare Baikal Seal (also called Nerpa). Terry became the first sculptor to do so. If you feel overwhelmed with bunch of ideas, this is the place where different flows synchronize. Lake Baikal is fed by 336 rivers. Only one river leads out. The lake has spiritual significance for the people of the region. It is referred to as the sea. Is it a moment for great decisions? Make great decisions in great places. Lake Baikal holds 20% of the fresh water on Earth and it would take all of the water in the Great Lakes of North America to fill it.