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  • 1. Centre Defence Enterprise for

2. Centre Defence Enterprise for Enduring Challenge Competition 3. Enduring competition Perpetual Radical 3M per year 4. Enduring competition Challenges Enduring 9+1 framework 5. Framework Protection Lethality Human performance Mobility Lower cost of ownership 6. Framework Situational awareness Communication Data Power New capabilities 7. Defining the Maritime Research Requirement From the customers perspective Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 8. Royal Navy Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 9. Royal Navy Operations Text Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 10. Royal Navy Operations Text Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 11. Royal Navy Future Navy Vision 2025 What does this require? An agile fleet that is interoperable with other nations assets and capable of providing sustainable operations around the globe. How is this achieved? Optimal utilisation of effectively manned platforms: MCMV, T26, T45, Carrier Strike and Amphibious Assault Ships Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED Warfighting Project Military Power at sea and from the sea Maritime Security Protect UK citizens, territory and trade International Engagement Promote UK Interests 12. Royal Navy Capability Development Ships Facilities Power Generation Propulsion Situational Awareness Tactical, Operational and Strategic levels Sensors: RADAR, SONAR, and Electronic Surveillance Organic Air Assets: Helicopters and UAVs Infrastructure Command and Control Combat System Command Support System Coalition Link Networks Weapons Conventional: Missiles, Naval Fire Support, CIWS and Force Protection Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 13. Royal Navy Dstl Maritime Research Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED Maritime Maritime Freedom of Manouevre Maritime Decision Support Maritime Operational Support Affordable Maritime Presence Human & Medical Sciences MAST Unmanned Air Systems Assured Information Infrastructure C2I2 Integrated Sensing Training Defence Logistics & Support C4ISR Decision Support & Experimentation Defence Intelligence Support to Operations KnIFE OGD Countering Terrorist Networks Cyber Strategy & Capability Homeland Security Resilience UK Special Forces Air Enablers (RW) Air JFC-SU Land JFC-IS Wider Government Head Office Conventional & Novel Weapons 14. Dstl - Affordable Maritime Presence Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED Integrated Air Defence Littoral ManoeuvrePlatform & Combat Systems Surface Defence & Security Operations S&T will have enabled the Royal Navy to deploy a fleet of more Affordable, Available and Survivable Surface Ships which can operate freely in International and Territorial waters in support of UK interests. 15. Dstl - Freedom of Manoeuvre Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED Anti-Submarine Warfare Submarine Capability Mine CountermeasuresGeospatial Intelligence Gathering S&T has provided the sensors, systems, and environmental understanding required to allow the UK to: operate effectively, efficiently and affordably from and within the underwater battlespace and regenerate affordable and cost effective ASW, MCM and GeoInt capabilities. 16. Royal Navy Security Operations Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED What Capability will we need? What Technology will underpin that? Is there a defined exploitation route? 17. Royal Navy Task Force Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 18. Royal Navy Littoral Manoeuvres Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 19. Royal Navy ASW Operations Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 20. Royal Navy Enduring Challenges AWW Integrated Air Defence Persistent and recoverable countermeasures Novel weapons directed energy Force Protection Detection of small/covert craft Identification of intent from asymmetric threats Non-destructive methods for neutralising unresponsive vessels Sensors Environmentally aware sensors Detection and tracking of difficult targets Combat Systems Open Architecture with common bearers: security Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 21. Royal Navy Enduring Challenges Information Superiority Electronic Surveillance (ES) Development of UAS payloads ES, IR, EO Persistent wide area surveillance Effective analysis and exploitation of big data Military satellite communications Denied or degraded operating environment Combat ID Platform Energy efficient power generation and propulsion Alternative fuels to diesel Large capacity energy storage: 1 9 GJ Energy harnessed from wild heat Utilisation of 3D printing technology Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 22. Royal Navy Enduring Challenges Underwater Sensing Optimise current ASW assets Improved situational awareness UUV technology and integration Data exploitation and human integration Acoustic and non-acoustic sensing technology Underwater communication methods Environmentally aware sensors Underwater Platform Holistic cross spectrum stealth Alternative UW weapons reduced footprint Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 23. Summary Defining the problem space is as challenging as overcoming it. CDE provides a vital exploitation route for innovative technology. All proposals must articulate how the technology can be exploited to meet the customers requirements. UNCLASSIFIED 24. Chemical, Biological and Radiological Science and Technology Programme 25. UNCLASSIFIED Strategic Context NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY: RISKS Tier 1 : International terrorism including the use of CBRN materials Tier 2 : Attack on the UK or its Territories by a state or proxy using CBRN weapons SDSR: NATIONAL SECURITY TASKS & PLANNING GUIDELINES: We will .. tackle those who threaten the UK & our interests, including maintenance of underpinning technical expertise in key areas. To deliver this we require retention of our CBRN science and technology capabilities that contribute to counter- proliferation and our response to the potential use of such materials by terrorist or state actors 26 March 2014 26. UNCLASSIFIED National Security Through Technology 26 March 2014 ... ensure small and medium sized companies can continue to deliver the innovation and flexibility we need. Building on the Centre for Defence Enterprises (CDE) success in providing efficient access to innovation, we will broaden its remit to cover both the defence and security domains. the most significant challenges currently faced by both the defence and security communitieswhere we judge the UK will get best value-for-money from science & technology: being able to identify and effectively mitigate CBRN threats to the UK and its interests 27. UNCLASSIFIED Defence AND Security CONTEST & UK Biological Security Strategy (Home Office) National Counter Proliferation Strategy (FCO) National Risk Assessment (CO) 26 March 2014 28. UNCLASSIFIED 26 March 2014 The CBW spectrum illustrates the range of materials that could be used as CBW agents Toxic industrial chemicals (TICS) Major CW agents Emerging CW agents Mid spectrum agents BW agents HCN Phosgene chlorine ammonia vesicants nerve agents psycho- chemicals developments from pharmaceutical & pesticide research (Moscow theatre) toxins bioregulators bacteria rickettsia viruses increasing potency (up to~1012) synthetic chemicals self-replicating agents of biological origin 29. UNCLASSIFIED Programme Vision CBR weapons will have no strategic or tactical effect Perpetrators will be identified Restraint is rewarded and acceptable norms are reinforced 26 March 201426 March 2014 30. UNCLASSIFIED 26 March 2014 31. UNCLASSIFIED 26 March 2014 32. UNCLASSIFIED 26 March 2014 33. UNCLASSIFIED 26 March 2014 34. UNCLASSIFIED 26 March 2014 35. UNCLASSIFIED 26 March 2014 36. UNCLASSIFIED 26 March 2014 37. UNCLASSIFIED Benefits realisation CBR Technical Advice and Reach-back UK Government, Defence, OPCW MOD Capability UK Armed Forces Cross-government S&T Capabilities International Partners and Allies 26 March 2014 38. UNCLASSIFIED Maximising the impact of science and technology for the defence and security of the UK UNCLASSIFIED 39. Human and Medical Sciences Enduring Innovation UNCLASSIFIED Crown copyright 2014 Dstl 26 March 2014 40. Human & Medical Sciences Defence Human and Medical Sciences will be intrinsic to Future Force Capability. Whole Force supported through Whole Service Life Care will be the foundation of next generation Defence Personnel. The Future Force will achieve a symbiotic relationship with technology, engendering enhanced information management and exploitation, shaping and influencing the Defence and Security landscape. UNCLASSIFIED Crown copyright 2014 Dstl 26 March 2014 People matter 41. Human & Medical Sciences UNCLASSIFIED Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 March 2014 Context o The human component is central to delivering military capability o Provision of sufficient, capable and appropriately trained personnel is critical to operational success o Need to sustain capability by protection, treatment and rehabilitation o High quality support, care and treatment at all points along the continuum of care essential 42. Defence Medical Sciences UNCLASSIFIED The Defence Medical Sciences research programme is endorsed by Joint Medical Command Research underpins MODs world class Combat Casualty Care capability Medical Science Themes Casualty Care Contingent Operational Medicine Whole Service Life Care Medical Systems Crown copyright 2014 Dstl 26 March 2014 43. Defence Medical Sciences Research Programme 26 March 2014 Dstl Casualty Care Investigating te