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CD Sept 2015 (Tarmac) - Drones in Construction

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Text of CD Sept 2015 (Tarmac) - Drones in Construction

  1. 1. Drones in Construction Julian Snape
  2. 2. Technovation Anglia Droning On A brief overview of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles a.k.a. Drones And their potential application in the Construction Industry
  3. 3. Technovation Anglia Droning on Julian Snape (Cert Ed) background Initially rained in fields of Cartography and Remote Sensing Severn Trent Water Authority flood mapping ground survey Motor Gliders and Microlights low cost air survey Photography and pioneered near Infra Red Apple Computers Eastern Region from Cambridge IT Manager Games and Publishing Industries Futurologist London Futurists 4,000 + members Transpolitica Cross-Party Think Tank and Lobby Organisation Technovation Anglia Disruptive Technology research and integration network Pilot, light aircraft and gliders
  4. 4. Technovation Anglia Droning on First we shot at them De Havilland Queen Bee Drone with Winston Churchill It has been said that it was from the Queen Bee the word Drone came into common usage for UAVs
  5. 5. Technovation Anglia Droning on Then they shot at us!
  6. 6. Technovation Anglia Droning on WW1: 1917 Inventor Archibald Low and the remote controlled Ruston Proctor anti-Zeppelin Drone Interwar: Navy and RAF Fairey IIIF and De Havilland Queen Bee Drones WW2: Father of Drones, Reginald Denny a well known ex Actor, ex RFC observer, pilot and R/C aircraft enthusiast migrated to USA Reginald Denny opened a R/C model hobby shop in Hollywood. In 1935 he demonstrated a prototype target drone, the RP-1, to the US Army. He then founded the Radioplane factory and manufactured fifteen thousand drones for the army during WWII At the Radioplane factory in 1944 an Army publicity photographer David Conover saw technician Norma Jeane and thought she could become a model. She did, after changing her name to Marilyn Monroe. David Conovers CO was Capt. Ronald Reagan, future President of the USA The RAF test flying a land based Queen Bee Drone
  7. 7. Technovation Anglia Droning on Battlefield Drones MQ-9 Reaper By 15 January 2014, RAF Reapers had flown 54,000 flight hours in Afghanistan and dropped 459 guided weapons (now Iraq and Syria) Black Hornet Reconnaissance Nano Drone for use by individual soldiers to scout the battlefield As of 25 October 2013, the British Army had 324 Hornet Nanos in service
  8. 8. Technovation Anglia Droning on Now they might do something constructive Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) expenditures over the next 10 years are expected to total $91 billion, according to the Teal Group Surveillance Mapping 2D and 3D Delivery (DHL & Amazon) Farming Communications Asset tracking Archaeology Life-saving Policing Taser-drones.
  9. 9. Technovation Anglia Droning on Drone configurations pros and cons Fixed wing Stable, longer airborne, but no hover Land Walking and rolling, limited access Water Swimming and floating, single environment Swarm Co-operative in development Manned! Strictly speaking not a Drone but using many of the technologies Multicopters Stable, hover, low Airborne time
  10. 10. Technovation Anglia Droning on Sensor types light weight High quality gimbal mounted stills cameras HD Video both streamed and recorded Near Infra Red Far Infra Red - Thermal LiDAR High accuracy, through vegetation Other sensors, CO2, CO sniffers etc
  11. 11. Technovation Anglia Droning on Stages of potential use in construction Pre-planning Job Site detailed survey and mapping Construction process monitoring Post build checks Sales and marketing
  12. 12. Technovation Anglia Droning on Multiple roles in construction Fast and low cost site survey and mapping Security intrusion detection Safety Lighting, medical Asset tracking - RFID Communications WiFi extension Delivery small items quickly
  13. 13. Technovation Anglia Droning on Site survey and mapping Survey Choice of sensors depending on accuracy requirement Optical HD and GPS co-ordinate geo-tag mapping. Can get x,y,z accuracy down to 3cm LiDAR for stable, higher cm accuracy from up to 1,000 and through vegetation to bare earth Mapping Software Converts gps co-ordinates into 2D and 3D maps Plot and drafts quality images with software such as Pix4D, Agisoft PhotoScan and Virtual Surveyor
  14. 14. Technovation Anglia Droning on Security Dynamic intrusion detection Automated patrol with HD video Airborne CCTV real time and/or HD image capture Infra Red at night Deployment of intense light Abnormally detection Regular flight intervals map identified and sensitive areas to identify any movement between over flights. Monitor structural movements, subsidence or even equipment lean.
  15. 15. Technovation Anglia Droning on Safety and medical Medikit Rapid dispatch of First Aid medical packs to areas of a site that may be distant from the First Aid point either horizontally or vertically. CPR Lightweight defibrillator kits are now available with remote assistance capability to fly out to any more seriously injured employees
  16. 16. Technovation Anglia Droning on Asset tracking In 2014 Age Steel, a United Arab Emirates (UAE) company used an RFID reader mounted on a small Drone and passive ultrahigh- frequency (UHF) RFID tags to track steel products, such as pipes and plates stored on-site Source:
  17. 17. Technovation Anglia Droning on Communications It may be possible to mount communication systems on Drones, such as Wifi extenders, to increase Wifi range and short term accessibility in complex sites Delivery In a publicity stunt cans of CocaCola were delivered to construction workers in Singapore
  18. 18. Technovation Anglia Droning on Identified Technologies Pittsburg USA based company pioneering automated Job Site Survey Boomerang Drones Automated flight path Automated battery swap Data sent to Cloud for Analytics 100 Acre site mapped in 10 minutes
  19. 19. Technovation Anglia Droning on Sky Futures of Hayes, Middlesex Oil Rig Inspection Offshore and Onshore Dual Control Pilot Camera operator HD, Video and Thermal
  20. 20. Technovation Anglia Droning on Benefits of Drones in construction Low cost relative to ground survey teams Can reach exposed, difficult and dangerous locations No longer necessary to have initial ground access to proposed site Rapid deployment and completion of mapping High quality imagery across spectrum with various sensor types
  21. 21. Technovation Anglia Droning on Current issues Legislative environment in flux CAA (UK) and FAA (USA) March 2015 House of Lords Report Civilian Use of Drones in the EU Time airborne Control remote or automated?
  22. 22. Technovation Anglia Droning on Solutions Political lobbying for balanced legislation Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Systems Association Geo-locking for no fly zones (airports and other sensitive areas) Fuel cells for time in the air Standards need to be developed
  23. 23. Technovation Anglia Droning on The Future Drones actually Building...? Created as an installation for the FRAC Centre in Orlans, France in early 2012 Models a speculative construction system that integrating robotics, digital fabrication, engineering, and design. Small quadcopters lift 1,500 foam blocks into a complex cylindrical tower standing more than six meters high.
  24. 24. Technovation Anglia Droning on Be part of the process to develop and propose standards before they are enforced by others, Which may increase the cost and complexity of useful operations or curtail them completely Julian M. Snape Technovation Anglia Future proofing Your Business
  25. 25. Technovation Anglia Droning on See us about the COMIT & Fiatech Drone Project Eye in the Sky 2015/2016 Drone R&D and Assessment Project Technovation Anglia and The Hub Group

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