Card Processor Integration Software Testing Case Study

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Card Processor Integration Software Testing Case Study Card Processor Integration www.sp-assurance.comSPASolutionTeam@sp-assurance.comThe client is well known for their innovative thinking and has launched few financial products in the United States already. Software Assurance was asked to test the hybrid debit card which offered several rewards programs.Software Assurance was approached by the client to test the above mentioned hybrid debit card and the card processing testing was considered to be the critical module in this particular project. GalileoTM services were made use of for various steps such as payment collection data, authorization and authentication as well as settlement of funds.2The challenge faced in this finance product testing was that there were no complete BRDs as well as documentation regarding the quality of the product.After the start of the card processing testing it was Software Assurance that provide the client with subject matter expertise for developing BRDs as well as diagrams pertaining to business flow. These helped in the overall processing and even made the testing project much more efficient as well as sustainable. Hundreds of test cases were created to ensure that the prod-uct had maximum coverage.The regression approach adopted by Software Assurance decreased the length of the test-ing period and even enhanced the coverage for the back end system that was being used by the specific application.The finance product testing even though large in volume was delivered exactly on time and this led to increased efficiency.Software Assurance established an efficient methodology for knowledge management that decreased the training time required.The team members were made to undergo comprehensive training programs so that they could understand the business model completely.TheThe client was also provided a monthly metrics dashboard as well as enhanced status report-ing so that they could oversee the testing process.www.sp-assurance.comSPASolutionTeam@sp-assurance.comWe have extensive experience in testing Banking and Finance solutions including web and mobile solutions. We offer independent testing services including functional testing, usability testing, test automation, performance testing, API testing and more. WeWe have produced for our esteemed clientele by optimizing QA processes and reducing post production defects by 35%. Reduced test failures due to unavailable test data by 50% and 15% overall project savings in case of downtime or discrepancies. We become their extended testing arm and a Trusted Partner in your success. We ensure that their products are released into markets with high quality.OurOur brand strength is reflected in the Clientele we have worked with and continue to work with. We have a great track record of helping our clients successfully deliver high quality solutions on time. We would be happy to setup a short call to discuss your quality challenges and share ways we can help you with our strong testing team with extensive banking and finance domain expertise.Software Assurance, LLC7708 Mapleridge Drive,Plano, Texas 75024, United States.Phone: +1-972-992-4200SPA Systems Pvt. Ltd.Offshore Development Center1st Floor, Mahalaxmi Plaza, Sector 3,Vaishali, Ghaziabad 201010


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