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  • 1. Business CommunicationsManager Network convergence strategies designed to empower organisations of all sizes SOLUTION OVERVIEW

2. Network convergence strategies for a broad range of markets The powerful synergy created by converging traditional data networks with breakthrough IP telephony applications offers significant benefits to businesses.Whether its using Internet Protocol (IP)By supporting both digital and IP Network solutions that can networks to handle telephony traffic,telephony in a single, easy-to-manage,help grow the bottom line establishing Interactive Voice Responsecost-effective unit, this scalable platform and Auto Attendant applications to enables organisations to adopt IP-based Business Communications Manager provide higher levels of customer service, solutions at their own pace.delivers a complete, stand-alone solution or network management tools that that provides a smooth migration path deliver streamlined global solutions,to the IP-enabled networks of the future. Business Communications ManagerWhether a company wants to establish can help businesses gain a strategic IP telephony on-site, extend the service edge over their competitors. to remote sites, or to home offices,Nortel Networks can help. Unlike digitaltelephony equipment, IP phones areconnected directly to the data network.This enables companies to capitalise onthe economies of a single, simplifiedwiring system for both data and voicenetworks. Business CommunicationsManager also supports a full range offlexible wireless IP solutions to streamlinetheir operations.Retail and eCommerceBusiness Communications Managerhelps deliver new levels of customer servicethat can set organisations apart from thecompetition. For example, InteractiveVoice Response (IVR) enables customersto save time by reordering products simplythrough entering information via thetouchtone keys on their phone. If theyhave a question that needs personalassistance, Auto Attendant gives them theoption to be routed to a staff member,request a callback, or receive otherinformation. This can cut customer on-hold times and increase employee efficiency.Business Communications Manager 3. delivers cost-effective IP Telephony access Finance and InsuranceHealthcare to as few as ten users. As a companys When security is a priority, Virtual Staff can have instant access to medical business grows it can be expanded to Private Networks (VPNs) create records via their laptops from anywhere support up to 200 users. Powerful encrypted data tunnels between corporate in their facility, accessing and updating management solutions are available that sites over the Internet, delivering Triple patient records as they make their help companies configure new units with DES security without the need for costly rounds. Wireless phones also increase ease, and make quick, efficient global leased lines. IP telephony, voicemail, and efficiency by keeping staff in constant changes to all the units on their network. four-digit dialling between branches contact with their co-workers. By improve operational efficiency and reduceeliminating the need for purchasing, Government and Education costs. Security is also enhanced by usingcabling, managing, and maintaining For central and local government and forfile transfers, email, and unified legacy telephony equipment, facilities education, Business Communicationsvoice/data/fax messaging.can cut costs through simplification of Manager offers a robust, stand-alone their internal network. solution that provides virtually seamless Telephony costs are effectively contained voice networking capabilities. Centralisedby consolidating incoming lines and voicemail and four-digit dialling can bererouting traffic over available bandwidth extended to all branch locations over the on the corporate IP network. Incoming wide area network (WAN). Advanced customer calls can be routed through a telephony features such as call transfermain or regional facility and distributed between branches, conference calling, to Business Communications Manager call centres, universal/co-ordinatedunits at branch locations manually or dialling plans, and wireless telephony using the integrated Auto Attendant. Call streamline internal operations andDetail Recording allows companies to increase efficiency.track telephony usage patterns across the network, delivering a precise picture of how network resources are being utilised.Nortel Networks BusinessCommunications Manager 400 andBusiness Communications Manager 200 4. Solving business challenges with hybrid digital/IP solutions Todays competitive marketplace demands that organisationsNortel Networks has brought adopt new technologies that can help deliver improved eight key capabilities into a customer service, reduce operating expenses and increasesingle, affordable device revenues by expanding market reach. thats designed to help businesses offer exciting new services while simultaneously A member of the Nortel Networks Business Communicationsreducing costs. Succession converged IP telephonyManager 400 is designed to bring portfolio, Business Communications the benefits of converged voice/data Manager is available in two differentnetworking to small- to medium-sized Digital and IP telephony from a models:sites of 16 to 200 users.single, cost-effective device. Business Communications Manager can support Business CommunicationsBoth models offer key technologies up to 160 digital telephones (or up to Manager 200 is designed to supplythat can help businesses compete more200 telephones, using a mix of digital the benefits of converged voice/data effectively, including support for bothand IP phones) and can offer a level of networking to smaller sites, typically IP and digital telephony, Interactiveflexibility and usability that is unmatched of 10 to 24 users and more (up to 64 Voice Response, Auto Attendant, Unifiedby any other product in todays market. using a mix of digital and IP phones). Messaging, and more all from a single,cost-effective, easily-managed device. IP-enabled or pure-IP networks? The choice is yours. Whether a company is creating a hybrid digital/IP telephony environment, or creating a new IP-based voice network, Nortel Networks has the solutions to ensure its success.For customers interested in a traditional digital telephony implementation, Business Communications Manager supports the requirements of sites with up to 160 telephones. Nortel Networks Business Series Terminals provide a full-featured option for traditional digital phones. Full interoperability and support are also offered for Nortel Networks Norstar and Meridian equipment. 5. Centralised configuration andVirtual Private Networks (VPNs) Unified messaging increases management for networks of all sizes.for enhanced security. Intra-site Virtual productivity by consolidating all In addition to an intuitive applicationPrivate Networks (VPNs) enableincoming messages including email, thats ideal for configuring a single unit organisations to use the public Internetvoicemail and faxes on to the screen or small networks, Nortel Networks for secure communications, reducing of a users PC. delivers Network Configuration Manager,the need for costly leased lines. Contivity a powerful, global, template-based clients can now be loaded on to usersHybrid environment leverages solution that simplifies the managementremote PCs and laptops, deliveringexisting investments in Meridian and of large networks containing hundredssecure access from any location.Norstar systems, offering a future-proof of units.migration strategy.Call centre applications combine Interactive Voice Response (IVR) personalised agent interaction andSimplified network infrastructure for improved profitability. Now smallercustomer support with advanced web- cuts costs by connecting IP phones over companies can cut down on customer based solutions. The silent monitoringthe LAN wiring system, streamlining hold times, increase the efficiency of feature enables supervisors to listen tonetwork management and extending their employees, and improve customercalls as they occur, helping to ensureconnectivity to multiple sites over the service by offering information andhigh levels of customer service.IP network. ordering capabilities from the keypad of any touchtone phone. Business Communications Managercampuses without the distance effective IP telephony infrastructure, is also ideal for supporting IPlimitations of digital systems. or a pure-IP solution capable of telephony in hybrid digital/IP In addition, wireless IP telephonydelivering advanced network and pure-IP environments. Theprovides companies with services, Nortel Networks can help. Nortel Networks i2002 and i2004exciting new ways of meeting Internet Telephones combine thetheir business requirements.Todays increasingly competitive functionality of the popular Wide-area connectivity over IPmarketplace poses a challenge to Meridian handsets with the power extends advanced call centresingle-site and multi-site businesses: and flexibility of IP telephony, and and messaging applications to to adopt technologies that will help the Nortel Networks i2050 Software both branch and home offices, businesses grow and compete Phone brings complete telephonycreating a more cohesive structuremore effectively. functionality to a Windows PC. that will maximise the efficiencyof personnel. Nortel Networks understands thatnew hardware investments need to IP telephony A technologyBest of all, Business Communicationsdeliver tangible benefits. Business whose time has comeManager is a flexible, future-Communications Manager is Until now, its been impossible to proof solution that will enable designed to help organisations find an affordable platform thats organisations to adopt newachieve the strategic edge they are capable of handling both datatechnologies at their own pace. looking for, reduce operating costs, and IP telephony in a convergedW


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