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Bus stop priscilla cuellar(gr. 22)

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2. The play is to be set in a small blue collar American town on a cold night in March in presentday. In a local restaurant that has a warm atmosphere where the coffee stays hot and the magazines are several years outdated. A place you might stop at to freshen up at before hitting the road again.. 3. Elma DuckworthShe is a nave character who is bright and has her heart in the right place. Her appearance should be under spoken not fully developed yet. A mix between girl next door and the girl with her head in a book. 4. th e ri g h t l o o k .Grace HoylardShe should have the same uniform as Elma but not toned down like Elma. She would wear more costume jewelry, her uniform would fit just a bit more snug, and she should have a bold lipstick. Her hair shouldnt be too big but something s working woman can manage. 5. Cherie- She has a bold style that draws a lot of attention and is very sexy. Sheloves sparkle and anything she considers to be glamorous. 6. Will MastersA blend between a classic sheriff look and a staunch Christian man. Denim or brown pants with sheriff hat and armed at all times. 7. Bo Decker and Virgil BlessingBoth men are ranchers that believe in hard work and simplicity. Naturally their attire should match with comfort and durability. Boots are essential for both men and a sturdy coat for the winter climates on the ranch. Denim is a major part of their wardrobe. 8. CarlAs a bus driver he should be in uniform, something blue to stay in the color scheme. A heavier jacket because of the weather and a ball cap. His costume should remain simple. 9. Dr. LymanHe should appear to be well groomed but when the audience sees him they should notice his clothes are untucked and he hasnt shaved in the last couple of days. It should almost appear hes been wearing the same clothes for the past day or two. 10. Earth tones and shades of blue should be the main color scheme with pops of color on certain characters to emphasis a character trait or development. 11. This concludes Costume Design for Bus Stop!Presentation created by: Priscilla Cuellar Group #22