Building Modern Web Apps with WebObjects

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<ul><li><p> WEBOBJECTSBuild modern web 2.0 enterprise class web apps, fast and easy.</p></li><li><p>WebObjects ?</p><p>Why re-invent the wheel?</p><p>Proven technology, it can handle the load</p><p>Its Java like you know it but not quite (forget EJB and Struts)</p><p>Stupid Apple, its Mac only (what about Linux and the other one)</p><p>But no one uses WebObjects do they?</p><p>And isnt Ruby on Rails what the cool kids use?</p></li><li><p>What is WebObjects?</p><p>Like Cocoa &amp; Core Data for the Web</p><p>EOF - Database Abstraction, no SQL nescessary!</p><p>Component Based / MVC design</p><p>Reuse popular Java libraries (JavaMail, FlickrJ)</p></li><li><p>What is WebObjects?</p><p>Easily work with state and sessions, its all built in</p><p>Real IDE (Eclipse/WOLips) not just TextMate</p><p>Project Wonder - A Massive Open Source extension to WO</p><p>Supportive and active User community</p><p>Massively Scalable! (it runs iTunes)</p></li><li><p>Modern Web 2.0 Apps</p></li><li><p>DEMO</p><p></p><p>Tutorial on how to build a small Ajax app with Wonder/WebObjects</p></li><li><p>Go build a great Web App!</p><p>Install today and get going (but dont use the Xcode install)</p><p>Youll need Eclipse/WOLips go read the install guide</p><p>Watch the Screencasts in iTunes</p><p>Join the mailing lists</p><p>Check out</p></li></ul>